NoiseAware’s new Outdoor Noise Sensor helps monitor sound levels

If you own a property for short-term rentals, NoiseAware can help you keep an eye on renters

NoiseAware is launching the third generation of its “smoke detector for noise” along with a new outdoor sensor.

Designed for short-term rental homeowners, the NoiseAware device lets them monitor noise levels on their property without invading guests’ privacy.

The Gen 3 Indoor Noise Sensor is plug and play. Just plug it into any outlet in a high-activity area and the sensors will monitor noise level without recording anything. Further, the device includes a tamper-proof screw so property owners can secure the sensor.

The Indoor Noise Sensor will discreetly monitor decibel levels, and if it detects prolonged disruptive noise levels, it can notify property owners via software on a smartphone or via the NoiseAware website.

The Outdoor Noise Sensor is a leap forward as well, allowing property owners to monitor noise levels outside of their property for the first time. However, the Outdoor sensor requires an Indoor sensor within 46 metres to relay sound levels to the software.

Additionally, the outdoor sensor is designed to be reliable for outdoor uses and is water resistant.

Currently, the Gen 3 Indoor and Outdoor sensors are available for preorder right now. They will be available for purchase on the NoiseAware website in November.

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