This case adds wireless charging to AirPods for $15 USD


If you can’t wait for Apple’s new wireless AirPods charging case and AirPower charging mat (where is that thing?), this could be the perfect accessory for you.

The new AirPlus protective case for Apple’s Bluetooth-enabled AirPods, created by HiQ, adds Qi wireless charging to the earbuds for just $15 USD (approximately $20 CAD).


The AirPods’ case protector, which has already hit its funding goal on Kickstarter, is currently available for pre-order and is expected to ship later this month, according to the company. The AirPlus case is a cost-effective way of adding wireless charging to Apple’s AirPods, while still protecting their enclosure — as long as its wireless charging functionality actually works.

The case measures in at just 2.5mm, which means it doesn’t add significant bulk to the AirPods’ charging enclosure. The AirPlus’ Kickstarter page says that it only takes a couple seconds to slide on or off the AirPods’ case.

The sleeve also includes an LED indicator, allowing users to check charging status, a pairing button, and a built-in strap holder that comes free with pre-orders.

The AirPlus comes in six different colours, including ‘White,’ ‘Black,’ ‘Red,’ ‘Grey,’ ‘Rose Gold,’ and “Sky Blue.’

While the $15 price is available now, the cost is set to go up to $30 ($39.95 CAD) once the pre-order period is over, according to the AirPlus’ Kickstarter page.

While I’m usually not overly enthusiastic about Kickstarter projects given how unreliable they are as well as the current state of crowdfunding in general, if you recently discovered the wonders of wireless charging like myself, this could be an affordable way to add the functionality to Apple’s AirPods.

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