Retail apps slower to lead to purchases than marketplace apps, says report

Amazon app

Marketplace apps like Amazon or Kijiji lead users to make a purchase more quickly after installation than retail apps, according to the “Mobile Shopping Apps” report from marketing firm Liftoff.

In a usage breakdown of retail app categories, Liftoff found that marketplace apps demonstrate the lowest install-to-purchase time (8.5 days) compared to branded apps like GAP (12 days).

However, Liftoff notes that branded apps get users to register more quickly after installation, clocking in 4 minutes and 16 seconds, compared to 5 minutes, 10 seconds for marketplace apps.

Liftoff says retail app marketers can be more competitive by “creating campaigns to target proven demographics at key times of the year, while thoughtfully removing friction from install to purchase to influence and convert even more shoppers.”

The report also goes into comparing gender usage of retail apps, revealing that while men are more likely to be early adopters of new technologies, women more readily embrace innovation in mobile commerce solutions.

According to Liftoff, women have nearly double the install-to-purchase rate as men. The firm says higher female acceptance of mobile retail can be attributed to the rise of mobile-first brands such as Glossier or Everlane, which often target women through platforms like Instagram.

That said, Liftoff acknowledges that men remain an untapped market, suggesting that mobile marketers should create strategies geared towards attracting more male users.

The 2018 Liftoff Mobile Shopping Apps Report was compiled using data gathered between April 1st, 2017 and April 1st, 2018 across 10.2 million installs and 1.8 million first registrations and purchases of apps.

Liftoff’s full Mobile Shopping Apps report can be viewed here.

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