Bell launching new prepaid wireless brand called Lucky Mobile

Bell now has a three carrier wireless strategy


  • basesloadedwalk

    What really needs to happen is for the CRTC to stop the big 3 from owning any flanker brands and using them to stifle true competition in the budget segment and confuse the market place in the process.

    • skullan

      I don’t mind the flankers, but think they should have to identify which parent company they are owned by on their websites.

    • basesloadedwalk

      The flankers do have a place in the market, but they should be 100% independent companies that are not owned in any form by any other mobile company. Cell phone companies should be allowed to own 1, and only one brand. As it is now, it’s just artificial competition. The big 3 own these flanker brands only to scare away MVNO’s and other smaller cell companies from setting up shop.

      I still laugh at that Koodo commercial where they state they “have the same coverage as the BIG GUYS”….you are the freaking big guys! That’s borderline false advertising.

    • fmradio68

      LOL!!! Very true. They are Telus.

    • Alex


    • John Lofwire

      At least Koodo shop are now often in Telus shop so you know right away they are Telus.

    • Scott

      The CRTC really needs to crack open the MVNO market to Canada. Not this third party that’s owned by Robellus BS … but truly independent MVNOs.

    • John Lofwire

      Well sadly thats not possible unless the governement finance a brand new canada wide network exclusively for MVNOs.

      you cannot force a business who spent billions in a network to share it at cost with new entrant its simply unfair ( even if the goal is a good one you cannot use unfair tactic to get to it its wont fix the issues but create more )

    • BCMikey

      John, you clearly have no idea how many tax breaks have been provided to Rogers, Bell and Telus over the last 30 years to build out their networks… let alone the billions they’ve recouped in an uncompetitive CRTC mandated landscape.

      The government (meaning you and me) HAS directly financed the existing canada wide network along with the big 3. It is a decade past time for MVNOs to be allowed to take advantage of that investment by, indeed, forcing these three businesses who have recouped billions to share that network.

    • We do get MVNO’s but they can’t sustain themselves. All those little companies and pop up and disappeared in a flash in the GTA are why no one would risk money doing it. Our population is too little to try to force people to switch. The few people like yourself that would switch would not cover the debt it cost to start a MVNO, let alone actual profit.
      Competition is great but when they come, who is really going to drop their comfort to support a start up?

    • John Lofwire

      I know very well.

      The issues is they spent about 10 time more than what they got as break.

      So no they should not share it.

      Governement need to finance a network ( not give tax break ) for the MVNOs that is the only fair solution.

      Go review your numbers before speaking.

      Its not because you gave me a 1$ tax break that i should give you at cost access to my tools that i easily had to spent 15 to 20$ to built it.

      Seriously some ppl think they should be handled everything for free.

    • Scott

      It’s not like these companies would be giving it away for free. They would still be making money from the MVNOs as they would be buying in bulk from Robellus and acting as a reseller to you and I the end customers.

    • John Lofwire

      Network already suffer from congestion and cannot achieve the speed they are intended to.

      Adding even more load will need stronger and faster server and bigger optical transport cable.

      Both will increase the cost of the network for the owners of those network.
      More usage will also lead to more equipements to maintain ect.

      So i propose the carrier give all those extra cost to those MVNOs and you gonna see its wont be as good as you hope its gonna be.

      there is more thing to take into account than just 1 + 1 here its a complex situation.

    • Scott

      The government can force their hand the same way it does with ISP resellers. There’s no reason why that can’t happen with proper third party MVNOs.

    • John Lofwire

      The only reason is that there is limited cable available to transport the signal so they force the sharing.

      Same do not apply for wireless as they could just reserve band in each auction specifically for a new canada wide network built and maintained by the governement .

      Its not same situation sorry.

    • Scott

      There is limited spectrum in that only certain bands are used within the industry and the big three have purchased the majority of it. And, there are limited towers available which the big three have only recently been forced to lease out to competitors.

    • John Lofwire

      There is still some very very good spectrum left not lisenced yet like 600 MHz just that spectrum alone could make a Canada wide network as good as the big 3 but for cheaper (as the 600 MHz spectrum tower have longer range )

      As for tower it’s the government they could easily authorize themselves as well as use government’s property and building as emplacement.

      When you really want and have the power nothing can stop you.

    • John Lofwire

      Agreed one carrier one name no playing around.

      That is a good idea.

  • Surveillance

    I wonder if Lucky Mobile will be anywhere near as good as Lucky Lager

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    I am happy grandfathered Plan from Wind that Freedom now controls

  • Desi Jatt

    The Plans are Carbon Copy of Chatr Plans, Even still Chatr has an advantage of being monthly where this Lucky Mobi Mobile is going to be 30 Days according to this Article

    • Not to mention Chatr is available in more areas.

    • Brandon Arneson

      Chatr is prepaid and its still monthly, 30 days is a month you do realize that right? Also the difference between lucky mobile and chatr is Chatr charges u insane pay per use rates outside zones with no option to add a service pass, Lucky Mobile gives u the option to add a service pass for $3 or $5 per month to use your plan out of zones the only difference is your data is not unlimited outside the zones, who in their right mind would want 3mbps data thats unlimited anyways? Certainly not me, i have the Everywhere50 plan from Freedom Mobile with free roaming and my speeds are not throttled until I pass the 11gb of full speed home data on 3G or LTE that i pay $10 extra for and the same thing happens when i pass the 1GB of full speed roaming data off the big3,my speeds are throttled to 256kbps. Bell/Telus has a far more robust network than Rogers in Western canada because they exist everywhere,Rogers themselves dont exist in a lot of Alberta so that makes Chatr a worse option if you wanted to use their pay per use rates out of a zone

    • Desi Jatt

      FYI: 30 Days is not monthly in case you didn’t know. With Monthly you have the same Billing Date with a 30 Day Plan your Billing Date Changes all the time. In case you didn’t know some months have 31 Days and then a month in a year has 28/29 Days. You would actually be quite surprised how if a Person not on Auto Credit Card Top gets annoyed with a 30 day you Plan versus a monthly plan because there Billing Date is not the same every time.

      Now Having Said that it seems like from luckmobile site they are indeed a monthly.

  • Leif Shantz

    Wish they could expand to Saskatoon so i can get “unlimited” data. There isn’t a unlimited data option other than on SaskTel for $85/mo. if you bundle with TV and internet. and $125/mo. without bundling.

    • John Lofwire

      Using wifi when available i do max 2 gb a months.
      With no wifi i would do easily over 30 gb a months.

      most clients dont need more than 1 or 2 gb.

      So sadly poweruser who refuse to use wifi will continue to suffer as the carrier wont give more than what average customers needs.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Meh – doesn’t sound “lucky” to me.

    • rgl168

      My recommendation: “Russian Roulette Mobile”

  • KiwiBri

    so many tiers.. why can’t we just a have flat rate, full coverage and be done with it?

    • Brent H

      But you wouldn’t be happy with the flat rate cost when someone is running a business off of the same price you’re paying and you end up subsidizing for them.

  • Alex

    when will canadians get the plans they deserve… sigh…

    • John Lofwire

      When we will be as many as they are in europe 😉

  • MoYeung

    Bell said Lucky Mobile will offer talk and text plans starting at $20 per month in Ontario, Alberta and B.C. starting next week. The plans are contract-free and available with no credit check for customers that bring their own devices or buy devices starting at $60.

  • Can’t Fix Stupid

    The only time I’ve heard Lucky and Bell mentioned together is when a potential customer didn’t sign up with Bell and realized how Lucky they were. That’s it.

  • Sorry, not impressed.

  • Anonymous Agent

    Sorry Bell your plans don’t impress me to switch over from Chatr. With Chatr for $50 I get up to 6gb of Data which is still unlimited but at a lower speed after 6gb. I got this plan a while back on a promo. And gives me global texting. With unlimited Canada and US calling. Caller ID, Voicemail and call forwarding. Unless you can offer me more data and a cheaper price then it might entice me to switch over. But if your gonna copy every other company on pricing but lower data not gonna happen. Bell you need to compete not just copy exact same pricing.

  • Anonymous Agent

    And yeah Bell is your brand lucky will also track all my data and my calls and texts and sell that info to third parties as well like you do for your Bell and Virgin brands which you were investigated by the privacy commissioner a while back and there were thousands of complaints.

    • All companies do this. If the carriers don’t the phones themselves will. We gave up privacy a while ago.

    • Anonymous Agent

      Yes companies like Facebook and google do cause they give you the service for free in exchange of giving up your data. But Bell was found guilty of breaching customers privacy cause Bells customers were paying for the service and did not agree for their private data to be sold. There’s a difference.

    • even phones do that now. Everyone is selling our info, what ever info they get they have the right to sell.

    • Anonymous Agent

      No, no one has the right to sell any of your info without your strict consent. When you sign up for Facebook people agreed to the terms. Using Google people agreed to the terms. With Bell no one agreed to the terms before they decided to sell customers info which is why they were found guilty for breaching customers privacy. And there was tons of lawsuits if I remember clearly as well. Bell didn’t allow a clear way to not agree to them selling customer’s private info which is a breach of customers privacy which is against the privacy commissioner regulations.

    • Brent H

      Clearly you haven’t read the terms and conditions… selling your info is part of the business… but I’m sure you would be up in arms if you had to pay extra for them not to sell your data.

    • Anonymous Agent

      No Bell was found guilty from the privacy commissioner because Bell neglected to even allow any customer to agree to any terms before they began selling customer data to third parties. And they can not double dip when customers are already paying customers for the service itself. Unlike Facebook they give your th service for free in excyange for your data.

  • xeronine992

    Do we really need another “discount” brand? Offer better data rates on your main brands!

    • Ian

      Maybe someday either a Big Three or one of the Discount carriers will come along with a 30 for 30 offer: 30 GB anywhere in Canada with LTE speed for $30 (ie. a GB per day for a dollar) with Unlimited Canada-wide calling and SMS & MMS. That’d be great!

    • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

      With data throttled to “2G” speeds?

  • David Rawlins

    Haha, “discount brand”. Just like Bell, Telus and Rogers “compete”.

    • John Murphy

      Did you forget about bells solo brand? Lol. This will last just as long lol

  • Jacob Klein

    Sadly there’s no sucha thing as a “budget carrier” in Canada. And Forget about an unlimited plan even when your ready to pay for it, Canada is the slowest and dumbest country when it comes to business innovation, any business not necessarily the wireless industry, meanwhile you watch our neighbors using unlimited plans for fair pricing and having tv services over the internet as YouTubeTV, directTVnow, sling, and so on and so fourth, while you are busy budgeting on how to pay off your 300min. Plan… it’s time this country should wake up!

    • Ian

      Good point, maybe Shaw will someday extend Free Range app access to their Freedom Mobile-only subscribers or Telus will extend Optik TV app access to Telus Mobility-only subscribers.

    • MoYeung

      “Canada is the slowest and dumbest country when it comes to business innovation, any business not necessarily the wireless industry, meanwhile you watch our neighbors using unlimited plans for fair pricing and having tv services over the internet as YouTubeTV, directTVnow, sling, and so on and so fourth”

      Canada is a 2nd rate, backward, small-time, resource export-oriented country.

  • Politically Incorrect Liberal

    What is full speed? 3G or LATE?

  • basesloadedwalk

    Why can’t they just offer these plans under the Bell brand? Why do we need each carrier having 3 brands of cell service. Is it just to confuse us?

    • Dan man

      because fake competition… “more choices” for the consumers…

    • basesloadedwalk

      If I was running one of these big 3 providers, instead of wasting money by having to run different sub brands, I would just create 3 tiers to my main brand. So for instance if I ran Telus, I would have a Gold, Silver, and Bronze tier of plans. It must cost them a lot of money to have to market 3 separate brands rather than just 1.

    • Brent H

      And you wouldn’t have enough money to run/invest in your company. Price discrimination is what they’re achieving and allows them to extract more money from consumers based on their needs and willingess to pay.

  • danbob333

    crappy plans at least in Quebec
    you can get similar or better plans which are not limited to zones

    • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

      That’s because the plans aren’t designed to be competitive. It’ll anger the other two.

  • John Murphy

    Rip off lol

  • John Murphy

    I’m with koodo in Ontario. I get unlimited calls and texts and 6gigs. For 50 bucks. Yeah. Im good thanks. Lol

  • Samano

    This a joke

  • Cristhian Mejia

    Joke to the extreme. Zones, really?

  • heynow00

    With their prepaid cdma shutting down in Ontario in early 2018 I’m sure this is a play to migrate their prepaid base who will be affected.

  • marpy

    and the problem with this!! ITS BELL!! NO THANKS!

  • Brandon Arneson

    Never leaving Freedom Mobile,I’m on their Everywhere50 plan that gives me free roaming off the bigger carriers in Canada and even the USA plus my data is unlimited whether I’m roaming or on freedoms network. I have the best deal in Canada. Why would bell do the exact same thing that Chatr does on the weak rogers network and just get rid of the pay per use rates out of zones. It makes no sense. Nice try bell you aren’t competing that well when freedom mobile has you beat with Canada wide roaming with unlimited data whether you roam or not on all their plans that aren’t called home only.

  • Albin

    The press seems to be missing that Bell has a pretty good prepaid service under Bell Mobility, and the new Lucky is worse:

    15.75 Prepaid / full year prepay $100
    incl 200 Local Anytime monthly (non-accumulating)
    $0.20/m Call Local anytime
    $.50/m Call LD within Can & from Can to U.S
    Unltd txt msgs in Can – SMS
    Unltd pic & vid msgs in Can – MMS
    $0.40/ USA text msg (sent)
    $0.40/ international text msg (sent)
    $0.50/ international pic & vid msg (sent & recvd)
    Call Waiting, Conf Calling & Call Fwding
    Call Display & Message Centre Express
    .75¢ 911 fee included

    Using Skype for long distance, current Bell Prepaid comes in under $20/mo with no zones, unlimited SMS/MMS in Canada. Bell has the best network in Ontario/Montreal/Gatomeau, and I’ve lent my phone to Rogers users in cottage country who fail to get a signal.

    • Desi Jatt

      Not Sure where you are getting this information from, Bell Mobility has never had or even now never had a Plan for $15.75 with 200 Minutes with unlimited texts for New Regular Prepaid Activation.

      Yeah you may have this plan, if you do it must be a loyalty/Retention Prepaid Plan or it was offered when you converted from Postpaid to Prepaid but as a Retail Plan this never existed.

  • Khai

    Another useless pricey “budget” brand.

    $15 per 1GB. Only in Canada. 🙁