Poll: Did you buy any tech on Black Friday?


  • Chris

    Google Home Mini… how could you not

    • Roger

      I thought about picking one up to go along with my Google Home, but I didn’t have any use for one.
      I got a Chromecast V2 to upgrade my original Chromecast.

    • Joseph

      I bought 3 Google home mini…..I never had Google home so I’m really loving these

    • KiwiBri

      Why are they so good?

    • PΞTΞЯ™

      i just got one for my bedroom to control my lights… LOL.. i left the google home (main one) in my family room. $40 was too hard to pass up.

  • Jo L.

    I bought a Garmin vivosmart hr+ watch on black friday through Amazon. Really good deal. Cheapest i have seen anywhere.

  • Kurtis Live

    Purchased the Apple Watch Series 3. I’m hearing Bestbuy is offering the iPhone 8 plus free with contract & now Telus is matching it..

    • Azreik

      Yeah my wife got it $0 down on premium plus with Bell at Bestbuy. Not even the Bell stores were offering that.

    • Linda Balat

      Bestbuy is offering the iPhone 8 plus free with premium two year contracts. I’m unable to visit the store, so I called Telus several times and finally a CSR price matched.

  • Jean-Francois Messier

    Got VMware Workstation at upgrade price instead of the full price. As well, got another monitor and a driving wheel for my son’s car racing games……………… I was considering some tablets, but I will pass for now. Mine is still rather very good (Android).

  • awhite2600

    I bought a Fingbox. Was on the fence about it’s usefulness. The discounted price helped me decide.

    • Goldfinch

      Where did you get it from?

    • awhite2600


  • MoYeung

    I saw other Chinese people buy TVs, PS4 and Nintendo Switch at Loblaws Supermarket on Black Friday no-tax event.

    I didn’t buy anything due to a lack of funds…

    • Garrett Cooper

      Didn’t see any white people, or others buying things? LOL

  • redlow

    Yes, Google Home, and Arlo Cameras

  • smallmj

    Nothing, because all of my tech works fine. There is no need to replace any of it.

  • Jon Duke

    Essential phone for 360$

    • Garrett Cooper


    • Jon Duke

      Koodo. The sale was so crazy, the site was down for like 2 days.

    • Garrett Cooper

      Wow $360 out right? It’I’d of bought one for that.

    • h2oflyer

      Same here …returned the Telus one.

  • Hilal Abuzinadah

    Yes, samsung gear s3 from best buy for $350

  • Rawrrr

    55″ 4k TV 🙂

  • FirstLine

    Nope. I was looking for a deal on a Moto E4 but found nothing.

  • Canadiana Jones

    Bought an Instant Pot. Was late for BB’s morning sale of the 2015 model, but later that day bought a 2017 model from Amazon for just $20 more. Also bought some garbage I didn’t really need, including a laminator 🙂

    Oh, I grabbed almost every old NFS and Dragon Age from Origin today for just $5 a pop. Bought a bunch of titles on Steam, and Steam Link from Amazon (I couldn’t catch it for $5 at EBG).

    Bought a Switch, but for the full price because I was worried about the stock.

    As for mobile tech, most probably will by OP5T in a couple of weeks.

  • Leif Shantz

    Got a Google Home Mini to tide me over until the Echo Dot pre-order comes in the mail……

    • Sk0ly

      Why? The mini is a way better product than the echo

  • I got the PS4 pro…I tried Horizon Zero Dawn and WOW the details are amazing!

    • Maxime Dubois Bergeron

      Same got a pro because I’m planing to get a 4k tv next year and even in 1080p the game looked even better!

  • Garrett Cooper

    Fiance got an iPhone 8 for $0, and we both picked up new iPads at Walmart for $379. Our tablets were getting a little old, figured why not.

  • Jason

    I bought and HTC Vive since they were throwing in an HD Audio Strap. I mean I knew they would be going on sale and I would have bought one regardless what the sale was (as long as there was a sale) but $140 off is still pretty good.

  • Alan

    Yup – probably way more than I should have too. (T_T)
    Oculus Rift, Google Home Mini, Smart plugs and switches, Instant pot

    • Sk0ly

      Home mini was a hard deal to pass up

  • hoo dat

    I don’t bother with Black Friday in Canada, I find the deals are better in the Boxing Day sales where retailers are more desperate to deal on over-stock that didn’t sell over the Christmas period rather than stuff specifically bought in for a sale period.

  • thereasoner

    Bought a new Samsung tablet so I can rest my Pixel when I’m home.

  • PowerWheelz #BB10

    Pre ordered the Amazon echo and getting the pixel2 next weekend for the wife (both xmas presents

  • Zbiba

    An SSD to finally upgrade my old HDD and that’s it lol. I don’t really need anything else. Was contemplating on getting a monitor but decided to wait for the boxing day deals since mine works fine.