The Salvation Army will soon let you make Christmas donations through a smartphone app


  • Anonymous Agent

    Why donate money to salvation army themselves while tons of the donated money goes to fund their employees and huge salaries to their executives while you’d be better off donating money to people who are homeless themselves in person to see a homeless person in your city buy that person a lunch or dinner directly. This way you’ll know your money went to help that person directly and not some executives multi million dollar salary.

    • Rattrap

      That’s a good idea, but there are certain things organisations are better capable of doing, or people to help. Both charitable organizations and individual donations are good, problems can exist with both. I agree that becoming rich through a charity is horrible.

  • Croc Ography

    Maybe they could use the extra cash to clean up the neighbourhoods they infect.

  • Carolina

    I stopped donating to them when I found out they’re massively homophobic. If that’s something that’s important to you, consider putting your donations elsewhere.

  • birdman_36

    Those ladies are very cute. Generosity is sexy.