Canadian cities not in the top 10 choices for Amazon HQ2, analysis finds

An analysis from Sperling’s BestPlaces suggests that Atlanta will be the home of Amazon’s second North American headquarters

Amazon Vancouver office

A comprehensive meta-analysis of 18 separate studies suggests that a Canadian city won’t be the home of Amazon’s second North American headquarters.

Instead, that honour will most likely go to Atlanta, the capital of and most populous city in the American state of Georgia.

The meta-analysis was conducted by U.S.-based Sperling’s BestPlaces — a data analytics site that calculates and determines the so-called ‘Best Places’ in the U.S.

BestPlaces used studies conducted by sources like CNN, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Moody’s to assign a score to each city that formally proposed a bid for Amazon’s HQ2 headquarters.

Atlanta, Boston and Chicago were the top three options. Only two Canadians cities made the cut: Toronto in 12th place and Vancouver in last place.

“Experts are clearly favouring Atlanta, according to our analysis,” said Bert Sperling, founder of BestPlaces, in a November 21st, 2017 media release. “Boston and Chicago are close behind, but Amazon may very well make an unexpected pick for their new HQ2.”

Regardless, it seems that the formal BestPlaces meta-analysis confirms what Anthony Lacavera and Bruce Croxon told MobileSyrup — Amazon isn’t terribly interested in investing in a Canadian city.

You can find the complete BestPlaces spreadsheet here.

Source: BestPlaces