Canadian cities not in the top 10 choices for Amazon HQ2, analysis finds

An analysis from Sperling’s BestPlaces suggests that Atlanta will be the home of Amazon’s second North American headquarters


  • Daniel Szilagyi

    Why would Amazon want a Canadian city? Toronto is horribly congested and far too expensive for what they want.
    Don’t even get me started on Vancouver….not a surprise it’s dead last. The rest of the cities are not even worth it for them.

    Atlanta is large, not too crowded, cheap, lots of good tech schools around and in a decent location and would be on the east coast that isn’t NYC (Boston is equally too expensive for what they’d want)

    • Anonymous Agent

      I could see Atlanta being amazon’s choice because worker’s in Atlanta would be desperate for the jobs and would do the work for cheap just to have a job. And probably build their factory in a poor neighbourhood just to get cheap desperate workers to be amazon’s slaves. In Canada Amazon wouldn’t be able to afford the high cost of labour here and strict labour laws. And most definitely wouldn’t be able to afford the Hydro costs if they pick Toronto as Ontario has the highest Hydro costs and probably bankrupt Amazon on Hydro costs alone and lots of companies are already leaving Ontario because of Hydro alone is to high to sustain their businesses

    • monkeymo

      Amazon already has an office here in Vancouver in one of the most expensive office buildings in the entire financial district; its not sales, its all CS jobs.

    • Eluder

      High skilled labour in Canada is dirt cheap compared to the US. Not sure where you guys are getting the idea that it’s higher here. Employee costs in the US are also way higher, especially when you take into account benefits (medical, etc) vs Canada. What kills it for Amazon is the high Corp tax rates here and ridiculous cost of real estate in Toronto and Vancouver.

    • monkeymo

      Corp tax is cheaper in Canada than in the US 30% vs 25.7%

      Cause this about Amazon, that Amazon office here in Vancouver (Telus Building look it up, its LEED Platinium) starting CS wage is $87K CAD. Amazon Seattle starting CS wage is $109K USD

  • PeterJMossJr

    Just looking at that spreadsheet you can see the absurdness of their analysis.

    Some of the rankings they used to get their average ranked a top 10 or excluding Canadian sites and if you don’t show up you are automatically given a 50 skewing the average wildly.

    The one I’d trust more than any on the list is the betting site at the end since they don’t want to lose money – they rank Toronto at 3 and Vancouver at 18.

    (I also see Calgary and Ottawa on this spreadsheet ahead of Vancouver)

    I don’t see a Canadian city being the choice, but this is just a bad analysis.

  • Anonymous Agent

    I was predicting Toronto to be in very very last place cause in Ontario Amazon wouldn’t be able to offer the Hydro bills here and lots of companies are already leaving Ontario cause they can’t afford to stay in Ontario because of the high Hydro costs here. If Amazon picked Toronto they’d probably go bankrupted just because of the Hydro costs.

    • Omis

      The hydro rates are so bad we cant even afford punctuation in our posts

    • Anonymous Agent

      Exactly lol. My Hydro bills in Ontario are so high I can’t afford the longer data usage on my smartphone to punctuate properly bahahahaha lol

  • Surveillance

    Well duhhhhhh why would a company as big as amazon pick a Canadian city? High taxes high labor high electric bills and freezing cold for half the year.

    • Eluder

      High labour? You’re vastly incorrect on that part. Canadians get paid abysmally compared to their American counterparts in high skilled jobs. Amazon pays its employees substantially well in their Seattle HQ; but they also work them hard.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Atlanta makes sense…. it’s a major travel hub

    Vancouver should have just stayed home.

  • MoYeung

    Canadian wet dream never had a chance…

  • basesloadedwalk

    As an Atlanta native myself, I could easily see why they would go there. Already a few major corporate headquarters there, the busiest airport in the world and a high amount of post secondary schools in the area. Even before I clicked this article, I had a feeling Atlanta would be on the top end of this list.

  • MSisW

    Wrong. Go reread rows 58, 60 and 65. Vancouver is literally the last place overall, not just second in Canada.

  • “Only two Canadians cities made the cut: Toronto in 12th place and Vancouver in last place.”

    What kind of research is this? Apparently Calgary isn’t a Canadian city anymore? It got higher than Vancouver. Do better.

  • Justin

    Is this supposed to be a complete list of the companies that sent applications in to Amazon? I dont think so, because im pretty sure that Winnipeg also made a submission, and didn’t see it on that list anywhere…
    Wonder when Amazon will make its pick…

  • Danny Account

    There is already one HQ in North America. Why would they want another? Not gonna happen.

  • Sighmonsez

    Well, whichever city Google decides on, you know it’s going to ask for a huuuuge government handout. I say, go for it, Atlanta.