Samsung Galaxy Note 8 brochure leaks ahead of reveal


  • Stephen_81

    I want this device… I don’t need this device, but I want this device.

    The Screen off writing feature would be nice, People are still a bit off put when you are typing notes when they talk on your smartphone, writing on the screen while it is off could be cool depending on implementation

  • Brad Fortin

    Dean, I think you misread the original article:

    On the camera front, that dual-lens camera setup will include 2x optical zoom.

    “On the camera front”, not “the front camera”.

  • Fodder0f4

    Already putting plans in motion to obtain this device. Trade-in, pay off my device that I have, sell my 4th born (the other 3 do work around the house…4th one just causes headaches). LOL J/K

    Seriously, I actually miss having my note for writing notes. Having the paper and pen is okay, but being able to put notes right into digital, right from the get go…less steps.

    And while my S7 edge has been decent, I still feel ripped off by the fact that I had to go to it from the Note 7.

  • The Finder

    haha is there nothing left about this device we don’t already know about now?