Dining app ClickDishes now lets users invite friends into an order

An image showing the ClickDishes app on a Nexus 5X

Think of it as splitting an Uber, but instead of ordering a taxi, you’re ordering take out.

Canadian mobile dining app ClickDishes has launched a feature the company calls “Grab&Go +,” in an attempt to make “ordering food more social.”

ClickDishes lets users avoid waiting in line or waiting for a table by ordering food in advance.

For take out, that means ordering through the ClickDishes app and picking up your order without having to wait in line. For dining in, ClickDishes lets users book a table and order in advance, meaning there’s no waiting for a seat.

With the new Grab&Go feature, ClickDishes users can now place an order for themselves and send an invitation to their friends who will be able to order and pay for their own food as well.

Then, the original user can pick up their food and their friends’ food, acting as a “food delivery person as they also pick up their friends’ orders to bring to them,” explains an excerpt from a ClickDishes media release.

“Grab&Go +’ is the ultimate delivery system that no other food service companies can compete with,” said Alec Wang, CEO of ClickDishes, in the same release. “With our ‘Grab&Go +’ feature, users become the delivery person, which can eliminate hassles like getting questioned by security or having to go to the reception desk to get your meal.”

ClickDishes is currently only available in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton.

The app is free to download on both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

Source: ClickDishes

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