Netflix’s Disney film loss won’t impact Canada and other international markets


  • Lirodon

    Good. Netflix is obligatory internationally, and Canada is too small of a market to sustain too many major OTT services. Plus, if they wanted to do something involving their own programming in Canada, they’d probably have to do it with Corus involved because they hold the exclusive rights to their TV content in Canada.

  • Steven B

    Did the Disney deal they made with Netflix domestically in the US match what they did internationally? That could be it, in the US catalog they included a ton of DCOMs and older items.

  • Canadiana Jones

    Geez Patrick, you really like that Lilo and stitch movie, don’t you? You mention it every time you talk about kids programming, even though the movie is outdated as grandpa’s dentures.

    • It’s a great movie and likely one of the best movies Disney has ever released.

    • Captain Pokemon

      I like the original beauty and the beast but Toy Story would be my all time favourite if you count Pixar movies (bought by Disney). LOL

    • Stephen B Morris

      The Lion King was the best movie they ever made by the way.

    • Canadiana Jones

      Based on common concepts Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Little Mermaid are by far the best. Every native-based story by Disney is a fail – Lilo, Moana, Pocahontas, you get the idea.
      I personally am a big fan of Disney series – Duck Tales, Chip and Dale, Darkwing Duck, Sofia the First.
      As for Pixar – Cars rule it all.

  • hoo dat

    Disney’s major investors are quite nervous about this. One of the major reasons people switch to streaming services is because of convenience and having yet another independent service just doesn’t make a lot of sense and could be a risky move by even more crowding an over crowded market. About 70%+ of users are happy subscribing to two or less streaming services and few see value in subscribing to more according to data I saw a couple of weeks ago. This is just Disney once again trying to milk every last cent out of their product. Old man Walt is spinning in his grave or quite possibly his cryo-chamber depending on what you believe.

  • Derrick Mitchell

    It looks like all the older Disney movies have gone from Canadian Netflix. No more Aristocats, Lilo and Stitch or Princess and the Frog. So maybe things are happening sooner than you wrote here.