OxygenOS Open Beta 18/9 now available for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T


  • Omar

    People holding their breath to see what OnePlus does with the 3 once the 5 comes out.. Lol. They have a very bad habit of completely abandoning their older phones once a new one comes out, and if that happens with the 3/3T (keeping in mind they released a new limited edition 3T in March of this year) then it will be the last OnePlus device I buy. The discontinuation of the device and it’s official accessories isn’t a good sign.

    • AMB_07

      They weren’t even in charge of the Oneplus One software but made an Oxygen OS version for it, to which they rapidly dropped support of. Oneplus X is a joke, barely made it to Android 6.0.
      And now they said Nougat won’t be coming to the Oneplus 2, which was released not even two years ago!

    • Omar

      Yeah I was part of the OPO Oxygen OS fiasco. Wasn’t fun. Especially with the excuses they gave. They tend to use their customers as beta testers for their new phones. I almost doubt the Open Beta version of Oxygen OS will ever see a stable version for the 3/3T once the 5 comes out.