Here’s our first look at the not-so-exciting Surface Pro 4 refresh


  • rjmlive

    Very smart move to omit USB-C. Their power port does the full range of data and monitor transfer without the mess of the USB-C “standard”. For the next number of years, USB-C will only be necessary to receive a dongle to operate USB-A devices.

    • Allyouranusarebelongtous

      I totally disagree, with thunderbolt being built into USB-c, it’s become a better standard. 2 or 4 lanes of PCIe and no dongle/dock required. Who can honestly complain about that? Not to mention other devices have adopted it. It wouldn’t have been too hard to do. Funny though you support a proprietary connector over USBc…it somewhat embodies the issue you took with USBc…or at least forces upon you an expensive dock.

    • Jesse

      Well said. I was hoping they would include a USB-C port… now I don’t even know if I’m going to pick one up. I like how Acer includes both ports.

    • Actionable Conclusion

      Seems to me that few people necessarily care about USB-C and the only ones hyping are tech geeks who think its the greatest thing since the invention of the steam engine.
      I think these days peripherals just aren’t the big thing they used to be with nearly everything connecting wirelessly today or through the cloud.
      Sure, it would be nice to have the feature but rjmlive is correct in that existing MSFT solutions for data transfer are more than adequate for the typical users needs.

    • Allyouranusarebelongtous

      You make some good points, however external HDD’s are a prime example of a tech that absolutely benefits from this combined spec. Also direct to displays that support it, again without dongles docks costing 2 or 3 hundred…and of course, the big one for many, is an external Graphics card with 4 lanes of PCIe. You can turn your laptop into a gaming machine. I believe that USBc will become ever more flexible in time. However cheap 3rd party companies have made it somewhat a mess with terrible cables, out of spec cables etc.