Samsung’s Gear VR is best-selling headset in Q1, expected to continue into rest of 2017


  • thereasoner

    This is pretty much expected. Many VR units are bundled with the sale of a phone and couple that with their entry level cost and you get a huge user base. Mobile VR is not bad either when one considers the price. It’s really the most cost effective way to give VR a try before breaking the bank on those more expensive set ups which are, understandably selling much less due to both the high costs and need for a console or gaming quality PC.

    Personally, I love my Gear VR. It’s just the original one that I used with my GS6 (now my wife’s) and it doesn’t have the handheld controller the new one comes with but we really enjoy it although we’re not really big gamers. We got it mostly for the excellent 360° video/photos of various things or places around the world but we also like some of those puzzle/escape type games as well, very cool stuff. That said, I’m not spending big bucks on VR untill the tech is more mature and the price comes down, until then my Gear VR is just fine.

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