Samsung reveals new DeX desktop dock for Galaxy S8 and S8+ [Update]


  • KiwiBri

    this did look kinda cool

    • It’s Me

      It’s a neat concept, but I wonder how many people will keep a dedicated monitor on their desk for this and/or give up their PC. Alternatively, one could have a KVM and toggle their display between their PC and their phone.

    • Laer

      I’m still not seeing a lot of advantage over an MHL adapter… what have I missed here?

    • It’s Me

      Mouse, keyboard and automatic upscaling….I guess. Not really sure to be honest.

      The bigger question, for me, is do you really want a dedicated monitor/mouse/kb just for your phone?

    • Laer

      I already have all that. Android supports a mouse and keyboard just fine stock. I choose to use bluetooth but I believe there is USB support as well.

      In landscape mode with my preffered resolution of 1440 I have had very good success playing more complicated games, doing office work and so forth.

      Now I happen to have a bunch of extra crap laying around to for fiddling with this but essentially my experience was extremely useable and easy to setup.

  • Theo

    Does DEX have any USB ports?

    • Zach Gilbert

      Yep, it has two USB 20 ports on it.

    • Uzair Abbas

      USB 20? 😛

      Any idea on cost and if does fast charging?

    • Zach Gilbert

      Nothing on both on those at the moment.

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