B.C. government announces its support for ride hailing services


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  • MarkLastiwka

    If I wouldn’t know any better, I’d say it’s an election year lol

  • Shogun

    I think the big news coming out of this announcement is the elimination of borders between municipalities where taxis can operate. For example if you lived on the North Shore and were in downtown Vancouver you couldn’t hail a North Shore taxi to take you back to North and West Vancouver. Ditto for Vancouver cab on the other side of the bridge being unable to take you into the city and it was an antiquated and ridiculous system.
    That said I wonder why taxpayers should foot the bill for creating an app for taxis to compete with Uber. Cab owners in that town have gotten exceedingly rich the way things have been and surely can afford to pay for development on their own.

  • Smanny

    So Taxi drivers and their associated companies are getting 4.5 million dollars from the government. So they can get an app like Ubers or Lyfts. What a joke. The other big joke is the 3.5 million dollars for crash avoidance. I am sorry but isn’t that technology already in a number of cars already from a number of car manufacturers.

    What about autonomous vehicles that are going to arrive in the near future? Hmm, anyone? The Taxi drivers are fooling themselves, the government, and the tax payers. Autonomous vehicles can’t arrive quick enough. People should look at that commercial for the Lexus IS. “Enjoy driving while you still can.”

    • lostjuan

      Autonomous vehicles are not going to be a solution that will work in the near future. Simply because it just to easy for them to be used for KABooM deployment. Places with sunny weather probably will work but weather currently can plays havoc with there sensors. Uber went to California and Arizona to test there cars for a reason. Rideshare is here to stay as is the creation of a new class of the working poor.