Motorola announces Gamepad, Alexa and other new mods for its Moto Z series

moto mods

Lenovo’s Motorola brand has announced several new ‘Moto Mods’ at Mobile World Congress 2017 for its Moto Z series modular devices, including the Gamepad, which offers physical gaming buttons.

The Gamepad is due out this summer and boasts a D-pad, A/B/X/Y button cluster, internal storage and built-in battery so it doesn’t sap too much of the handset’s battery. Pricing has yet to be announced.

Later in 2017, Motorola is also expecting to debut a mod in collaboration with Amazon that will give devices access to its Alexa voice-activated assistant. It teased the integration by showing a speaker mod like the one released with the Moto Z. If that seems like a strangely bulky way to integrate Alexa, Motorola assures that future Moto handsets will have Alexa built-in. No pricing has been confirmed for this mod either.

Motorola also announced the Power Pack, a mod that adds a 50 percent larger battery to the Moto Z, stating that it will go on sale in march 2017 at $49 USD. Additionally, the company teased a ‘Turbo Power’ mod with an even larger battery, a wireless charging mod and charging adapter mod.

It’s unclear if Motorola has plans to bring any of these upcoming Moto Mods to Canada.