TekSavvy’s internet plan prices are now lower

Chatham-Kent-based third-party internet provider TekSavvy has officially lowered the price of its internet plans, according to a Facebook on the company’s website, as well as various MobileSyrup readers.

Earlier this month TekSavvy revealed plans to lower its pricing structure on January 16th following a recent CRTC ruling that saw telecoms such as Bell, Rogers, and Videotron charging third-party providers less for access to their “last mile” infrastructure.

“We’ve been pushing for this for a long time, so it feels great to be able to bring more value to our customers this holiday season. This is one of the largest price drops we’ve ever seen. We are making changes for virtually our entire customer base,” said Marc Gaudrault, CEO TekSavvy Solutions, in an interview with MobileSyrup last month.

Other third-party internet providers like Acanac have lowered their prices as well. If you’re a subscriber to one of these third-party internet providers, let us know in the comment section how much your monthly bill has reduced.

Find TekSavvy’s new internet pricing plans here.

Image credit: Martinelle via Pixabay

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