TekSavvy plans to up internet speeds and lower prices in January


  • Pitrick

    In QC the Cable 15 DL / 10 UL 400Gb plan is dropping from 47$ to 43$

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Teksavvy had great offers in comparison to Rogers at one time. However now Rogers themselves have better offers and it’s less hassle to go with the base provider. Unlimited data is now offered by all companies including Rogers. So Teksavvy pricing definitely needs a look in, given that Teksavvy actually no longer offers unlimited data, unless for an attrocious higher pricing tier.

    • FlamesFan89

      Yeah, as much as it sucks to fuel the beast, I get Rogers Ignite 100u for $70 +tax, compared to the same from Teksavvy priced at $82.95 +tax, +modem purchase, according to their website. I mean, I’d love to stick it to Rogers and move to someone else, but not for that big of a gap in price.

    • I switched from Rogers to TekSavvy a couple years ago before these promo deals for 100 and 250 speeds were available, but even now I don’t feel too bad not switching back to save a couple bucks.

    • Dmitry Avdeev

      I have exactly the same feelings, buddy!

    • noyb

      People just don’t get it sometimes… the incumbents used what the CRTC called “unjust” rates to prevent Teksavvy and the others from competing at the higher tiers. Now that the CRTC knocked those rates down to a reasonable level Teksavvy’s new price (as of Jan 16) for the 100Mbps unlimited package is $69.95.

    • FlamesFan89

      $69.95 +modem purchase, minus NHL GameCentre.

      At the end of the day, I like my money more than I hate Rogers, and with Rogers I’m paying less and getting more.

      Yes there is the principle of it, but with only a single family income and two kids, the principle takes a back seat unfortunately.

    • Valentin Vidic

      But what is you total rogers bill with cable and internet a month

    • FlamesFan89

      The total Rogers bill is irrelevant. It would be no different than saying “yeah, your car payment is $200, but what do you spend on milk?”

      Whether I was with Rogers, Teksavvy, or anyone, I’m going to have a cost for internet, and a cost for TV, and a cost for phone, etc. But if I am comparing internet costs, I only look at internet costs.

    • Valentin Vidic

      Well because if you are paying rogers bundles $200 a month sure they will give you a deal on internet.

    • Zee

      This is the thing, if i ONLY want Internet sure I can get on the 2-year package they’re offering now, but at the end of the 2 years you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll want me to sign up for cable TV, home phone, wireless bundle in order to keep my special pricing. At the end of the day, if I only want Internet service, Teksavvy is cheaper for me since I don’t pay Rogers anything else.

    • FlamesFan89

      It still doesn’t matter though. At the end of the day, I need services A, B, and C, which means I’m paying for all three regardless of who the provider is, and regardless of whether it is one provider or 3. If having it be one provider gets me a lower total bill at the end of the day, then why should I care whether someone else can offer me a more expensive plan?

    • Zee

      I agree with you, it’s your own choice and whatever works for you. I’m in the situation where a) I don’t subscribe to cable and b) work pays for my cell phone bill so I just look for the cheapest internet plan that is right for me.

    • Zee

      Isn’t that just for a 2 year term though? On the Rogers website the price goes to $87.99 after 2 years for the 100u

    • FlamesFan89

      At which point I call them, and get a new deal for a lower price.

      I haven’t paid full price for telecom services since… well, I’m not sure I have ever paid full price. If you are paying full price, do yourself a favour, give them a call, ask for a deal, tell them you will switch providers if they don’t. If they call your bluff, switch providers. The moment you tell them “please cancel my services” you will get a better deal.

    • Zee

      I was with Rogers and went through the whole “call every 2 years for a deal” threat. Eventually they called my bluff and I switched. They put customers through the hassle of having to go that route instead of just offering better plans to begin with, I stay with the provider that actually lowers my price without me having to do anything.

    • FlamesFan89

      That’s fair, and I respect that. But for me personally, I don’t see it as much of a hassle, as it is a half hour of my time every two years, and I’ve always come out with a deal that is better than what the other providers are offering.

    • The TekSavvy prices are very comparable to Rogers regular prices (yes they have promos all the time). 100/unlimited is $82.95+modem with TekSavvy, $87.99 for Rogers.

    • Dmitry Avdeev

      Why would anyone sign up with a regular pricing from Rogers?.. I have that 100/unlimited for a promo price of $70. It is a great deal, unfortunately. I hate to support Rogers, but I was in quite a shock with how Acanac treated me after being a loyal customer for 7+ years and providing them with 10 referrals: less speed & more money than Rogers. Too bad…

    • Well obviously the sort of people who regularly visit tech sites are aware of all the promos that come out, but I’m willing to bet the average consumer has no idea what good pricing is.

    • noyb

      $87.99 is the current price, the price drop price (effective January 16th) is $69.95

    • noyb

      All those “atrociously higher pricing tiers” are being cut as of January 16th – that’s what this is about. Thanks to the CRTC catching the incumbents using accounting tricks to double dip, Teksavvy can finally compete.

  • David Etienne

    I got a whopping $2 off my $50 (now $48) plan for 25d/2u 400GB plan in KW. No change in speed or cap. No one on red flag deals has reported anything close to the $10 drop in this article.

    I could have went with Fido for their 60d/10u unlimited plan for $60, and tried, but they were so grossly incompetent with everything, I gave up. I’m talking: hours on hold with them, being told my house was unwired even though it is wired (they ought to know, since Rogers owns them and they wired the damn house), two pointless tech visits to my house to verify it was wired, denied THREE times taking the modem to set up myself when they had one available for me, and not offering me any compensation for wasting hours of my life with the aforementioned shenanigans. Completely and utterly incompetent.

    • mastjaso

      I got a $7 drop. I’d say that’s close.

    • David Etienne

      Nice. What plan are you on?

    • mastjaso

      25/10 DSL in Ontario w/ unlimited usage. I went from $56.95 to $49.95, now if only they’d offer a package with a better upload speed.

    • Olivier Crête

      Went from 60$ to 52$ for 50mbit/400GB DSL in Quebec

  • Mr_Smoosh

    My 30MB/ unlimited is dropping $10/mo. I love this company’s culture toward Canadian internet.

  • deltatux

    I wonder if other CLECs like Start Communications will do something similar. This is great news for everyone that’s not on Bell or Rogers!

    • Joey Legroulx

      Start already reduced the cost of the unlimited option by 5bucks at the beginning of this month

    • deltatux

      That only applied to RCable on its unlimited option. They didn’t lower them on any capped rates nor DSL lines. Even though the Fido is a promotion, there’s nothing that really competes Fido on that promotion from Start…

  • FTR_Part_deux

    I’m on their Cable 30 Lite (150gb) living in York Region and my plan will be reduced by $1 to $47. Not much, but better than nothing. A comparable plan on Rogers (125gb) would run $67 lol.

    Service has been pretty good and I’ve been using them for the past few years.

  • Stalemate

    QC TekSavvy client here.

    My 30Mb Unlimited cable connection is going down from $80 to $60.

    Goes to show you how badly they were being gouged by the incumbents.

    • Wilbour

      Unless I read the article wrong, it mentioned how the big guys were overcharging 3rd party providers, Teksavvy for one, too much. These 3rd party providers were just passing on their costs.

    • WD

      Well, we here in Toronto (Rogers land) got notified that out Cable 60 Unlimited was going down a whopping $17 from $83 to $66. Ottawa is also Rogers land, so do the math. 🙂

    • Loyz

      Same thing as me.Went from 79.95 to 59.95,a big 20 $ ! Thank you Teksavvy !

  • William Sue

    Mine went down $11 from $69.95 to $58.95 unlimited cable 30up 5dn, thanks Teksavvy

  • weirdandwild

    @PatrickORourke, please note that Teksavvy is not a GTA-based company, but rather based in Chatham-Kent. But it does have a nationwide footprint and based on the CRTC ruling all of the last-mile providers, both cable and especially DSL, have to lower their base prices to all third-party ISP’s. It’s about damn time.

    • I discuss the CRTC ruling towards the end of the story…

      Thanks for the heads-up about where TekSavvy is based!

  • pvanb

    Are the new prices listed anywhere?

    • Nope, not yet. The details won’t be released until January 16th as far as I know.

    • pvanb

      Well that’s not going to help me decide between switching to Teksavvy cable or to Rogers (which now is cheaper in a bundle.)

      Currrntly on legacy Teksavvy DSL.

  • skoupo

    Patrick, Teksavvy is not a reseller.

    They Don’t rebrand bell or roger or whatever Internet providers and resell it. If you are going to write an article at least fact check .

    They rent the lines, and have their own equipment, bandwidth, and servers in place and bypass any routes the incumbents have.

    • Third-party internet providers purchase bandwidth and access to lines from Rogers and Bell (in Ontario at least). They don’t even use their own technicians in most cases to set up connections (this is why it takes so long to set up a TekSavvy connection).

      I’m not sure what your definition of a reseller is, but purchasing something in bulk, then selling it again, is “reselling” as far as I’m concerned.

    • skoupo

      All they do is basically lease the lines from bell rogers shaw videotron form the customers house to the last mile.. after that they do nothing with bell, rogers or whatever. they buy their bandwidth from other provider ..

      i guess my definition is of reselling is buying something changing a label and selling it.. make sense? well to me lol

    • heynow00

      I think it’s a placebo affect if you think one company is better than the other when it comes to cable internet

    • skoupo

      far from a placebo,
      you can compare rogers vs teksavvy and the routing each company gives you and both will give you different results.

      do some searching and you will find out as well

    • Very true. I reached out to TekSavvy for clarification. Thanks for the tip!

  • Roger

    Just got 60/10 for $60 a month from Fido. Speed improved over the 30/5 I had with Rogers.

  • N00bicals

    And I’m still stuck with adsl on a 6mbps profile until Bell add another closer vdsl hub in my area. It’s so close but so far…

  • Jeff Duke

    I am with Teksavvy 120mb connection it says it will be going down to $89 from $99 for unlimited data. That’s awesome the 120mb connection is more then enough for anyones needs and best of all if you got a big family that likes their speed. We can have 3 devices on Netflix and we have Zazeen TV as well and we still have 75mb left in speed. We have been with Teksavvy for almost 4 years now.

  • Tim

    and here I am with Rogers Ignite 250 (250dn/20up) for $74.99..

    • DownwithRobellus

      Good for you but unfortunately not everyone can get that deal.

    • Tim

      actually, they can. There’s a few Rogers employees selling these plans on Kijiji.

  • Smash

    Mine is going down by $5. I am on cable 30 pro with a cap of 400gb. With Teksavvy.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      Exact same for me. 30 pro 400gb, $5 off.

    • Patrick Cuyegkeng

      Same for me; Cable 30 Pro/400 GB, $5 down. Can’t complain so long as service stays about the same. I’d upgrade to a higher tier, but then I would need a new modem.

  • pvanb

    Anyone on their 100GB unlimited cable plan get a notification of how much the price is dropping?

  • Do Do

    hmm, I need to revisit what they offer

  • wowgivemeabreak

    Nice. I like Teksavvy although I slightly prefer Start Communications. Both were my previous two ISPs and I really miss them in my new place where I have highspeed wireless since I am now rural which does work well a lot of the time but when it doesn’t, pages time out and speeds drop to 3mbps or less from the 20-25 they are when it is working well.

    I look forward to the SWIFT stuff to start upf or us Rural folks and hopefully get some fibre or cable or dsl here so I’ll have what should be a fully reliable service from hopefully Teksavvy or Start.

  • Tor Guy

    Its beyond my comprehension why anyone would still be with Rogers and Bell all these years with the exception of Business people because you wont get service like Rogers and Bell compared to Teksavvy which take hours to answer a call.

    • nekkidtruth

      Because third party ISP’s are not able to offer the higher tiers anywhere near the price the incumbents can. Why would I pay $84+tax/month for 100/10 with Teksavvy when I can pay $64.99+tax for 100/10 with Rogers? I won’t even get into the fact that most issues I’ve encountered have required Rogers to do the work. I don’t have to wait weeks for things to get resolved (as a standard).

      I would love to move to a third party and not have to pay the monsters, but that isn’t going to happen until the prices come down on the higher tiers. Those that are with Bell or Rogers for the their high tiers are doing exactly what you’re doing, saving money and getting the best value for their money.

    • Wilbour

      I saw this too but there is a catch. You have to agree to a 2 year contract with Rogers. Some people just don’t want to sign a 2 year contract.

      Monthly Total:

      $64.99/mo5for new customers only (2-year term)

      $87.99/mo2for existing customers

    • nekkidtruth

      You’re right, not everyone wants to sign. That doesn’t mean those options don’t exist. They’re still there and still at nearly half the price of third parties. Just as some don’t wish to sign a contract, I don’t wish to change my Internet every 6 months to get the best deal.

  • Barry Harden

    Not like Teksavvy had a choice. Other third party providers were just killing them with lower pricing and faster speed offerings.

    • MFido


      You have no idea.

      The big guys are hurting them not the other IISPs

    • Ipse

      The killer here is the Fido 60/10 unlimited for 60$….just take a look at the 55 pages on Redflagdeals. Robbers is hitting hard before even the tariff reduction is implemented.

    • MFido

      Available for new Fido internet customers only within Fido internet service area …so, no thanks!

      I do not want ANY strings attached to my internet!

      With Teksavvy you can get better deals than Fido or Virgin WITHOUT any constraints AND not only where Bell/Rogers have coverage!

    • KiwiBri

      For sure. Don’t need my eggs in one basket

    • arahman21

      Fido is just rebranded Rogers. The “Fido internet service area” is bogus, you just need Cable internet available.

  • brandonH

    Cable 45 ($61.95 45Down/4Up, 400GB download) here. No email for changes so far.

    Been with ’em for a little over 3 years now, if it matters. Really hope they reduce the price of this plan as well. It sucks how expensive our ISPs are here in the East. Much cheaper over in Alberta/BC (But probably because of their lower population).

    • I have the same plan, got the email saying it’s going down to $56.95.

  • Wilbour

    I checked my email and did indeed receive a notice.
    My 100/10 400gig service is dropping from $70 to $64

  • KiwiBri

    Maybe acanac could actually have some decent support staff. I know teksavvy is much better.

    • Acanac

      We have made substantial investments and as a result- wait times have improved tremendously. We continue to improve call handling as well. We also have a support community with a lot of resources.

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