Nvidia’s new 4K HDR Shield TV is coming to Canada for $289


Nvidia’s new 4K HDR Shield TV, the successor to one of the most powerful set-top box streaming devices on the market, is coming to Canada for $289 CAD, according to a statement sent to MobileSyrup.

The streaming box supports both 4K and HDR video output, and similar to the first-generation version of the Shield, it also works as a simple way to bring PC gaming to your living room via streaming. In terms of HDR, Nvidia’s new Shield will be compatible with both games and movies.

Interestingly, the new Shield is also the first Android TV to support Google Assistant. If the hardware manufacture’s CES press conference is an accurate representation of Assistant’s integration with the Shield, Google’s voice-activated helper operates the same way as it does in the company’s Home and Pixel devices.

It’s unclear if Nvidia also plans to bring its recently revealed Alexa-powered Spot microphone accessory — which seems to work the same as Amazon’s Echo — to Canada. We’ve reached out to Nvidia for clarification.

It’s believed the new Shield is set to utilize the company’s X2 mobile processor, but Nvidia didn’t say definitively during its press conference, and some rumours point to the device coming equipped with the same Tegra X1 that’s found in the first Shield. In another uncharacteristic move, Nvidia also didn’t mention anything related to improved gaming performance with the Shield.

Furthermore, while we know how much the new Shield will cost in Canada, it’s unclear what Canadian retailers will carry the set-top box. While the first-generation Shield was sold online and in-store at Canada Computers, the retailer eventually stopped stocking the device, leaving Canadians with no official retailer for the set-top box. At one point Best Buy Canada also carried the Shield, though the retailer eventually pulled the device from its shelves as well. It’s still unclear if Nvidia has a wider Canadian retail strategy for its new Shield.

Update 01/05/16: Amazon Canada currently has the Nvidia Shield available for pre-order.

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