Google Assistant is coming to Android TV devices in 2017


  • Shogun

    Yeah I bought a Shield several months ago from Best Buy and they had plenty in stock back then of both the base and Pro model. Since then, its near impossible to find any stock however I do notice that there is already the capability to talk to Shield via the remote to pull up programs and content already. Adding Google search capability is just an added bonus for sure.

  • DownwithRobellus

    I’m so glad to hear that Google kept quiet at this year’s CES because they should be focusing on bringing Android Pay world wide, fixing hangouts, ensuring other manufacturers try to stick close to the pure android experience, resolving bugs in 7.0 and making a road map of supporting their devices (ie. Nexus 6). I feel like this billion dollar company just half asses everything they throw their money at. Google Wallet didn’t work so let’s do a name change and try again….just stop it already!

    • thereasoner

      Google Wallet worked great, it was carriers and banks that weren’t yet supporting it. As for Android Pay, I’m sure that it’s the ridiculous amount of NFC capable Android phones out there that are slowing and complicating the adoption process with the banks. The list of supported devices should be interesting to see when it does come about.

  • Smanny

    Google’s Assistant will be in Android Wear 2.0.

  • Arman

    Really good!

  • Brad Fortin

    Is this going to be the version of Google Assistant that’s currently exclusive to the Pixel, the version of Google Assistant that’s currently on Google Home, or the version of Google Assistant that’s currently in the Allo app? Or is this going to be a new version of Google Assistant?

  • dougo13

    No CANADA again? What is the problem THIS time??

  • Matt Badke

    I just talked to a rep at Nvidia who said Canada would in fact be getting assistant on the Shield. He couldn’t comment on when however…