Canada has 30 million wireless subscribers, 90 percent of market still controlled by Rogers, Bell and Telus


  • The Iceman Cometh

    Sad, truly sad that three companies control the market in this manner and government willingly has acquiesced to this state of affairs.

    • It’s Me

      Yup. They were handed market dominance and have no qualms about abusing it.

    • The Iceman Cometh

      Its not as if these telcos couldn’t reduce prices on their plans and still make a tidy profit but greed drives the business to no end and its worse when a triopoly like this exists to perpetuate it. So while the population of Canada may not justify a dozen companies competing in this realm, certainly better deals could be had if only these clowns weren’t so driven by squeezing every dime they can out of their hapless customers.

    • It’s Me

      Well, they are for profit businesses, so they are supposed to do what they can to make as much money as possible. The problem is one of balance and competition. They completely control the market and refuse to compete, so they abuse that position and gouge, gouge, gouge.

    • John W

      And they continue to REAM Canadians on pricing, i wonder how heavily they are invested in astroglide.

  • Techguru86

    Things should start changing after the Wind /shaw deal, services will only get better with shaw money, as long as they don’t price data plans like the big 3

    • birdman_36

      They will. Shaw is a very greedy company.

    • Techguru86

      They might but as long as they compete like T mobile does, they will be fine

    • It’s Me

      They can’t, unless their business goal is to gain 0 customers and make no money at all. They cannot yet offer what the bif 3 offer and so cannot charge anywhere close. Even if they had a comparable network overnight, they would have to undercut in order to attract customers.

    • Jonathon

      Thank you. People seem to overlook this so much. No one is going to go through the hassle of switching providers if the cost and service is the same.

    • Joanne

      Absolutely. I’ve been a Wind Mobile customer for about 5 years now, and I’m hanging onto my $30 unlimited everything plan for the life of me. I noticed they cut that plan back, which would have been fine because I’ve never come anywhere close to using 3GB of data in a month, so it’s still a really good deal. Sure, I probably pay a lot for roaming when I travel for work, but I just take those occasions as foreseeable business expenses. Overall, even if I was almost always roaming for work, I’d still pay less than I would on a comparable unlimited plan from the Big 3.

    • NotARogersEmployee

      How will Shaw recoup their investment and operating costs without charging a price right in line with the Big 3?

    • It’s Me

      The big 3 have the amongst the highest margins in the world. There is lots of room to charge less and recoup.

    • Techguru86

      Exactly, up the prices a tad but keep data where it’s at and people will leave, considering a million have either broken contracts to go to WInd, shows people want a 4th option

  • Jon Duke

    I want Videotron to partner with Shaw/wind and to launch a Canada Wide service instead of regional. These 2 companies together can be a major player as soon as they launch.

  • Andrew

    I think you mean Bell lost a percentage point and Telus gained a percentage point going into 2015?

    • Amarjit Singh

      Yeah, i spotted this error as well. Who is doing the proof-
      reading work ?

  • fruvous

    Are we looking at the same datasets? Your charts show Telus unchanged in revenue and +1% for subscribers and Bell lost 1% subscribers and is unchanged in revenue.

  • mwahahahaha

    Yeaaahhh!!!! GO ROBELUS!!!!! Only 10% to go!!!! You can do it!!!

  • mark roechner

    The Big three continue to grow ARPU with some of the highest rates paid by Canadians in the world. Since consumers continue to stream data on their phones usage increases the ARPU rate. Market saturation in Canada is pretty well maxed out. Shaw/Videotron/Eastlink can barley carve out enough subscribers to be able to cover network expansion and spectrum costs. Consumers need to get smart and learn to use “free” wireless Apps for Calls and Data and not bother to pay the bid three for their expensive service.

  • Whome

    No one should be surprised by this. Except maybe that 90% seems a bit low. It’s disgusting that they are allowed to control the market unchecked. Unfortunately people are willing to pay what the big three demand (when they have no other option other than not having a phone at all). It’s only going to get worse. Higher monthly plans. Higher cost for the handsets.

    • Yami

      Handset price is up to the manufacturer not to rogers telus or bell. How much you can have subsidized into your plan is the price of the phone divided by 24 months. after you account for that your plan hovers somewhere between 20 and 55 dollars.

    • Whome

      Your monthly plan does not decrease after your 24 months are over.

    • wheels

      sure it does just change to a byod plan

    • Whome

      The price drop should be automatic. You should not have to change your plan.

    • wheels

      yes for sure it should!

    • Yami

      It is automatic with koodo currently and the rest when koodo let’s them.

    • Yami

      Yes it does if you change it o the loyalty if your on koodo part of telus this is automatic.

    • Joanne

      The company that sells you the phone still makes money on their markup, don’t forget. I paid $400 for the Nexus 5 when it launched 3 years ago and have no plans to upgrade until the hardware becomes too dated to support further OS updates. Quickly doing the math, spread out over that 3 years, the phone has cost $11 a month. So I’m curious to see how that compares to buying it from a provider rather than direct from Google Play, since it was a really good deal at the time, when the handful of people I asked said their phones had cost in the $600-700 range.

    • Yami

      There is no markup google play pricing is in usd.

      In Canadian a nexus 5 at launch was 500.

  • Cam Hammel

    The Telus 1% increase must be from Public Mobile. The $40/mo deal right now is ridiculous for 4GB of Telus network LTE

    • canucks4life

      Am I reading their website correct plan is only good for 90-days?

    • Cam Hammel

      They have plans available on 10,30, and 90 day intervals. This limited edition plan is on a 90 day interval, meaning you’ll be charged $120 every 3 months ($40 a month). This also means instead of having 4gb per month, you’ll have 12gb every 3 months. Which is nice because any leftover data not used during the first two months can be used in the third.

      You can also set it so that your plan does not renew after the 10,30, or 90 days , if you want something temporary. I got a SIM from them and activated a non-renewing 10 day plan to test the network, for example.

      No issues porting the number, just remember not to cancel WIND before switching, it’ll be cancelled automatically upon activation on Public

    • canucks4life

      Do they require prepay every 90-days or also have option for monthly payments?

    • deltatux

      For the special plan, they charge in a 90-day block. You get additional discounts for adding auto renew and participating in the community.

    • canucks4life

      Good to know ty…SIM on the way 🙂

    • Cam Hammel

      Guarantee you won’t regret it as long as you have Telus coverage nearby. I usually swap carriers ridiculously often, but nothing’s even close to the deal that Public is

    • canucks4life

      Yeah it really is a no brainer for me since I rarely leave BC. Sounds like you can also purchase LD addon just in case which rollover.

  • rcolbeck

    How can a population of 35m have 30m subscriptions?? Does toddlers have a phone? Doesn’t seem palpable to me.

    • specialk2000

      People often have more than 1 line. Personal and business phone, etc.

    • rcolbeck

      Not that many….

    • Warren Chang

      You might be surprised how young some of these kids are who have smartphones already

    • deltatux

      That’s really not true, some businesses mandate business lines still. There are also automated devices that are “line subscribers” too.

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  • Bob Loblaw

    You mean to tell me that there’s absolutely no competition in Canada and that the CRTC is corrupt? HOW SHOCKING!

  • deltatux

    If WIND’s service didn’t kept being bottlenecked, I would have stayed. They just simply don’t have enough spectrum and towers to effectively compete, especially in the GTA market.

    • gmd

      You should have tried outside of GTA. It gets worst…

  • Davis Sunu

    If you can’t beat them, join them buy their stocks!

    • Ipse

      Yeah….but read the comment about wages to see why we can’t 🙂

  • DigDeeper

    Strange that rates are cheaper in most of the Third world countries.

    • NoWayHosEH

      Strange that Wages are cheaper in most of the Third world countries.

  • Zomby2D

    Even if I wanted to switch provider, there’s currently no one else covering my area.

  • PT

    “90 percent of market still controlled by Rogers, Bell and Telus”

    Big thanks to CRTC.

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