Show your Canadian pride with Tim Hortons, CBC, WestJet and Bieber iOS 10 sticker packs

Brands have jumped on board Apple’s new iMessage sticker packs in iOS 10, with two especially well-known Canadian ones taking it upon themselves to represent the country with some exceedingly patriotic free stickers.

Tim Hortons’ Canada-themed sticker pack includes not only true Northern staples like Timbits and Ice Caps, but also a jug of maple syrup, a toque, poutine, Canada goose, crossed hockey sticks, a mountie and the word ‘Sorry!’ among other things.

With considerably less options, CBC’s Canadian sticker pack offerings have their own distinct flair, featuring well-known figures from the national network like Peter Mansbridge, David Suzuki, Ricker Mercer and the terrifying yam puppet from its children’s programming, Mama Yama.

Also on offer in the new iMessage store is a free WestJet sticker pack, which isn’t particularly patriotic, but does represent a Canadian brand.

Saving the best for last, there’s also a sticker pack for Canada’s national treasure, Justin Bieber, called Justmoji. This must-have pack retails for $2.79.

The only downside to these proud Canadian iOS 10 stickers? When you send them to your friends with Android phones, they come out looking a bit out of place.


To join in on the fun, iPhone users with iOS 10 can just press the App Store emoji to the left of the text message box, press the four dots in the bottom corner, then head to stickers, and finally, search by category.

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