Bell and Nokia successfully conduct the first Canadian trial of 5G mobile technology


  • Will Maitner

    This is where the smart money is Nokia, they need to stay out of selling handsets and just work on the backend..

    • JTon

      You do realize they sold off their handset business to Microsoft almost 2 years ago

    • mola2alex

      You do realize they are planning to release some android phones

    • JTon

      I did not >_<

  • Leif Shantz

    Do we really need 5G? Not with our miniscule amount of data we get with our $80+ plans. On 5G , you could blow through the 1GB cap within 5 seconds of downloading a game.
    They better give us high data caps or unlimited data by the time they launch 5G, otherwise it makes 5G useless. Who needs up to 20 Gbps if their data plans can’t take advantage of the 5G technology????

    • People were saying the same thing about LTE…
      It’s not just about speed.

      Oh and also, speed affects your battery life: the slower the connection, the longer it takes your device’s CPU to go back to idle .

    • deltatux

      The speed difference isn’t really off by that much, it really depends on what the person is doing. If you’re like me who generally just use their data to check email and load static webpages, HSPA+ and LTE isn’t that much different. As such, for the most part for this use case scenario, LTE isn’t needed, it’s just a “nice to have”.

    • mola2alex

      Most people aren’t just getting email, they are watching videos, streaming music and playing games, things that are better when faster. Think about how much data a VR game will require, just because you aren’t into our don’t use it today, many things that will need it have yet to be invented.

    • deltatux

      You can’t really say most either because there are countless of people who don’t stream. Yes, there are many who do stream but there’s also those who really don’t care. Therefore, for that subset of the population, HSPA+ is within that category.

      Personally, the most I stream is music, that’s about it, that’s something that HSPA+ is enough. That’s why I always say, LTE is great, it’s recommended but not a necessity.

    • mola2alex

      The point is that many will take advantage of the speed and carriers want those customers, more data is more money, it’s just business. To get those customers, they need to take down old tech and add new tech. Hspa will be gone in a few year’s so carriers can claw back spectrum. So while you might only need a dial up modem, it’s irrelevant. Maybe there are apps that hspa can’t keep up with, maybe apps that are awesome but if you never have the capacity, you will never know. Simply put, it’s inevitable that speeds will continue to increase.

    • mjh49783ab

      Inevitable, yes, but Rogers still operates an old 2G/EDGE network even now. That’s a real head scratcher, right there.

    • mjh49783ab

      Streaming, especially video streaming, is great and all, but unless I’m on a WiFi hotspot somewhere, I generally don’t even bother. Especially with data caps as low as they are. Unless, of course, you’re on an expensive data plan that allows for these things.

      Tomorrow could be different, sure. On the other hand, my data usage hasn’t changed much at all in the last four years, so, it’s a hard argument to sell a faster speed to me when even HSPA works fine for my use.

    • mola2alex

      Lol, most businesses don’t cater to the lowest common denominator. Your argument makes no sense. Email worked great on blackberries and cdma tech but no one wants that except for a few laggards. No tech company sits back and says “well our slowest speed is good enough for some users so lets just wait and see”. And hspa is pretty slow these days for something like downloading a file from cloud storage or doing many other things other than streaming. With carrier aggregation, my mobile device is much faster than ANY wifi connection out there. I am surprised on a tech blog people saying we don’t need faster or better. In 5 years, you will feel silly for your comments.

    • Nadefrenzy

      “my mobile device is much faster than ANY wifi connection out there”

      Don’t think so. Unless you’re getting 250Mbps+ on your data throughput, my wifi still beats that.

      However, I do agree that HSPA is slowly becoming obsolete. It’s dated, and slow, and a nightmare during congestion.

      I’m used to browsing at high speeds, and having to downgrade to less than 10Mbps is a struggle especially when signals drop to <5Mbps during rushhour.

    • mola2alex

      Actually I do regularly exceed 200Mbps. Sure, fibre to the home will be faster eventually but for most copper based technologies (90% of the population), they won’t be getting that sort of speed.

      Exactly my point on HSPA, it is already slow. I get there will always be some people that are happy with slow speeds but it is hard to go back.

    • Nadefrenzy

      I’m actually on cable, not fibre. I get 300ish Mbps on the down on my Wireless AC 5GHz band.

      Where are you getting 200Mbps on LTE? The highest i’ve ever gotten is 100Mbps in downtown TO, and the highest I’ve seen is 150Mbps down.

    • Me Ted

      Yeah. You’re full of ish.

    • mjh49783ab

      My cable internet tops out at 60Mbps. My WiFi has far more than enough bandwidth to deliver this speed, so I know it’s not the bottleneck.

      I have never seen my LTE connection go much more than about 16Mbps, anywhere in town, and that is on a good day. Sometimes, I have to look and see if I’m still on LTE as the speeds can get as low as HSPA from time to time. I’m actually thinking of unlocking my phone, and switching service providers because of this problem.

    • mjh49783ab

      In five years, everyone will have new phones, and certainly with better capabilities than what we currently have. In the end, it is still a phone, and I will primarily use it as the communications device that it is.

      And, to be frank, everyone has already moved on from Blackberry phones and CDMA technology. Yet, email apps are still standard equipment on the latest smartphones. And really, if we’re going to talk about speed, my current LTE connection consistently can’t reach the speeds, or even the latency, that my cable internet connection from Shaw can, piped wirelessly through my 802.11ac router. Really, why am I going to bother burning through my data plan,just to see ‘buffering…’ half the time while trying to video stream, when I don’t have to?

    • mola2alex

      “In the end, it is still a phone”

      I actually don’t believe that statement at all. ‘Telephone’ is the least used application I use so calling it just a phone really is not appropriate.

      As for your comment on speeds, depends on provider, area, coverage and many factors. Where I live, my phone is way faster than the speeds I can order, not by a small amount but by orders of magnitudes. There will be a point where mobile will be faster than wired because the investment and infrastructure build required to get fibre to every home (needed for 5G speeds) will take longer than upgrading or adding antennas to a comparatively fewer amount of cell sites. Eventually when fibre is to every house, it will be faster and more consistent but mobile networks are much easier to upgrade than 100 year old copper neighbourhoods because you need to trench in to every existing home. If you look at how fast the speeds have increased for wireless in comparison to wired, wired is accelerated and is accelerating faster.

    • Nadefrenzy

      “Where I live, my phone is way faster than the speeds I can order, not by a small amount but by orders of magnitudes.”

      How can that be? The only place you’d be able to achieve 200Mbps on LTE would be dense urban neighborhoods which already have Fibre and/or high throughput cable internet services available.

    • Sam Huston

      Most people need to get back to basics, or they will never live a full and rewarding life, and will be broke by the time they retire.

    • KrispyInTO

      I have LTE advanced on my S7, I did 2 speed tests and it used over 400mb of data. It’s gonna be funny when 5G comes out and people speed test it and use up their 1GB for the whole month off 1 speed test.

    • Sam Huston

      How about just using your phone as a phone and texting device?

  • 73 GHz
    Wouldn’t that have extremely short range?

    • mjh49783ab

      Unlikely to penetrate through walls, too.

    • You might be a ……

      They’re using beam-forming directional antennas to increase gain. Part of the theory of 5G is more, smaller cells operating at lower power, allowing more frequency re-use, as well as extension into frequencies such as these.

  • beyond

    5G = $5,000 monthly plan

  • Jim Swanstrom

    Nice… Soon I can use up my meager amount of data caps in mear minutes each month.

  • Jason

    5G could go beyond mobile devices, with those speeds we could start seeing wireless home internet which could be huge for rural areas, instead of spending millions putting in cables they could spend thousands to upgrade a rural cell tower and provide faster services. I was talking with a guy last week who can only get internet from satellite and he has 12,000 ping at 1mb down

    • You might be a ……

      Direct device to device as part of the net design as well – whether as relay, information sharing of smart devices or apps, etc.

    • Me Ted

      They already have LTE for rural using the rocket hub and it’s super expensive and really doesn’t need to be.

  • Daniel Rabinovich

    Definitely going to be a way to get all consumers off grandfathered plans.

  • Sam Huston

    I get my phone crap fast enough already, there is no need for me to open the sewer pipe any wider.

  • MrRandom

    5G speeds with 1GB to 3GB data plans….. (You can already eat through a standard 1GB data plan in no time on LTE….. )

  • We don’t need more speed. We need better rates!!!!

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