Rogers, Bell and Telus are ramping up testing 5G network technology


  • Avgvstvs

    Make sure you don’t confuse 4.25G or 4.5G with 5G networks. Very different technology and 5G technically isn’t even fully defined.

    • SmokeJV

      You right, I believe event just normal LTE isn’t actually considered 4G. LTE Advanced is actually considered 4G. Normal LTE is 3.9G.
      The whole ‘G’ naming is so messed up with Carriers and their advertising.

    • Rabid Rotty

      years ago Candian carriers use to call 3G GGG ahhhh I miss the days of Cantell lol

    • hardy83

      That’s what I was going to comment on. Is this real 5G by what people would perceive as? Or just crappy marketing being misleading (but totally legal for whatever reason) and confusing people on what Gs actually mean in terms of speed.

  • Victor Creed

    And Wind hasn’t launched 4G…

    • Maestro Karajan

      Neither has Mobilicity. But don’t worry…the skinflints will tell you 3G is more than adequate for the current generation of smartphones. LOL!

    • silver_arrow

      Mobilicity is dead.

    • Maestro Karajan

      Sure it’s dead. It’s been dead for a long time.

    • Goran Mihajlović

      They started with 4G, unless you mean LTE. Well it’s a little hard starting with minimal cash flow vs a cartel with 26+ million subscribers and the highest profit margins in the world.

    • MassDeduction

      They did not start with 4G. Even LTE doesn’t meet the 4G spec (though LTE-A Cat 6 finally does). They started with HSPA, AKA 3G. Wind and Mobi joined in with other carriers who misrepresented HSPA+ as 4G. Wind, Mobilicity, AT&T, and T-Mobile all commonly misrepresent HSPA+ (and especially DC-HSPA+) as 4G, when it’s more like 3.5G. Rogers and Bellus generally don’t (and generally didn’t) because they were quicker to launch LTE. I generally accept LTE being referred to as 4G as it was a huge speed increase, had a new air interface, etc., even if technically it still fell a little short. But to refer to any variant of HSPA as 4G is much further from accurate.

    • Goran Mihajlović

      Yes and everyone calls it 4G regardless. Even the ITU-R buckled and created a terminology for “true” 4G. I wouldn’t call speeds less than half the standard calling for to be close enough to be 4G. If you’re going to be pedantic, be pedantic through and through. 4G only came to Canada 2 years ago in select markets. That’s it. And when I can get “3G” speeds to apporach LTE speeds on Telus/Bell’s network, I certainly will not call it as such.

    • MassDeduction

      Not everyone calls it 4G. HSPA+ being referred to as 4G is primarily an American thing. It was called that by some of the new entrants in Canada as well, but not by Robellus (as they had LTE so it wasn’t advantageous for them to do so), making it a rare thing for HSPA+ to be called 4G in Canada. It’s all but unheard of outside North America. So no, I don’t agree that “everyone calls it 4G”.

      I further don’t agree that everyone calls LTE 4G. In the rest of the world that’s common, but in North America it’s relatively uncommon. LTE is nearly as easy to say and type as 4G, and because of the potential confusion about what 4G is (is it HSPA+, is it DC-HSPA+, is it LTE, is it LTE-A?), many people here just call LTE by its name “LTE”.

      I accept LTE being referred to as 4G, as it was a substantial increase in speeds and a new air interface, and that was launched in Canada about five years ago.

    • Collin dubya

      do you really need to be streaming 4k just yet on a 5 inch screen?

    • MassDeduction

      Or, for that matter, two 4K streams? Seems odd to me too. I had the option on my phone of recording in 4K and 30fps, or 1080p at 60fps. I opted for the latter. Good resolution doesn’t necessarily correspond to good overall quality.

  • Time to raise prices. And then raise them again when they actually roll this out.

    • grantdude

      We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in testing and development. We need to make that money back somehow, while still providing excellent value to our customers. – Wireless Executive

    • Max

      I believe all other companies around the world do, but they are not robbers.

    • It’s Me

      Well, their R&D is supposed to be a reason for our currently sky high rates.

    • SmartOneBC

      So 1gb for $25 lmfao

    • GottaLoveCapitalism

      That’s pretty much how a business works –> invest in a new technology, then monetize it. How else would they pay for continued investment in the network?

  • silver_arrow

    Hopefully they standardize the frequency bands they use among them like with 3G so you get full coverage no matter which carrier you’re with.

    • MassDeduction

      Agreed. An interesting question will be if they attempt to roll out 5G on 600MHz, or if they’ll go LTE on that band. I’m not sure of the appeal of 5G at this point, when LTE is so fast, getting so much faster, and is so extensible. Carrier aggregation seems to offer no end of possibilities.

  • Jerry

    So we can expect 500mb will start at 110 dollars

    • hardy83

      Now you can burn through your pathetic data caps at lightning speeds!
      As a safety net, you can buy an extra 500mb of data for only $50!

  • Haseeb Khan

    With Unlimited Call, Text & Data . Then It Is The Real Deal ! .. They Will Probably Give U A Plan With 1Gb Or Less… Hustlers… We’re In 2016 And We Should Be Offered Unlimited Data Period. Correct Me If I’m Wrong ! Thanks..

    • Maestro Karajan

      Totally agree. Data caps are truly a thing of the past with the smartphone technology of today.

    • iTeodoro

      When your with the BIG3…they don’t care about the consumers…they care about your money!

  • Grumpel

    1GBs speeds to your smartphone. 500MB of data. $120 per month.

    • gmd

      They’ll make sure you can use all your data for a month within 13.5 seconds.

  • Tim Hunt

    Expect a sizeable jump in monthly data fees.

  • Unless the data caps are adjusted, this is effectively meaningless.

    • MassDeduction

      Depends on how you consume data. As I went from GPRS, to Edge, to HSPA, to LTE, my data usage has stayed approximately constant. I don’t stream content, I purchase and download content for consumption then or later. The speed it gets to me has almost no effect on how much data I use in a month. I have a 128GB microSD card in my phone for just this purpose.

  • Tornado15550

    Seriously though, if the flanker brands continue to offer paltry 100 MB of data, who cares how fast the network is? You wouldn’t even be able to watch a 1080p video in its entirety if they continue to offer such tiny data caps.

    • MassDeduction

      For streaming content, I agree. For someone like me who usually downloads and then consumes, faster speeds are appreciated and won’t significantly affect how much data I consume in a month. I wouldn’t sign up for a 100MB plan that had overage costs, I’d go WiFi-only before I did that. I’m in WiFi about 90% of the time (not a number picked off the top of my head, that’s a figure my smartphone reports to me, typically 90% of my phone’s data usage is in WiFi). If the price ever got too high, I’d turn off mobile data before I kept paying it.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

    What is the God damn point if they still offer measly data plans at exorbitant prices??? So I can go over my limit faster and pay them a fee more often? Ok now makes sense.

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  • Brandon James Starcevic


  • SmartOneBC

    It may as well be 3G. The amount they charge for a gb or 2 is outright ludicrous. It costs them pennies a GB.

    If our providers were doing business in the USA they’d be bankrupt already. No one would use them.

    Feels awesome to be Canadian and getting screwed every month we get the bill. Wow you get 2gb data for the month. Thank goodness tons of hot spots..

  • iTeodoro

    Bell, Rogers, and Telus are spammers!! I will never go with them even if they get 5G data for only limited data! Needs to be unlimited! 2020…is not that far from here…but I am not holding my breath!