Canadian government raises concerns about sex behind the wheel in driverless cars


  • So in the near future, the leading cause of car accidents will be road head?

    Sounds like a comedy skit

  • Avgvstvs

    I don’t understand what this article is about or even more specifically as to what the Canadian government is talking about. I don’t think they fully fathom the true impact of the self driving cars, trivializing some of the “initial” impacts makes me laugh. Let’s paint the picture here quickly:

    1) Real estate prices will decrease dramatically, due to the fact that commuting time will be an afterthought. Increased speeds, no traffic means you don’t have to worry where you live, as you’ll come in on time all the time.

    2) Sex? Who cares. I don’t expect to be conscious for most of the time, I intend to sleep. SLEEP behind the wheel.

    3) Drinking and driving? Who cares. Gone, no longer an issue

    4) Car insurance? Get ready to pay <1% of what you're paying now, because that industry will struggle to keep alive.

    5) Cabbies/Truckers/Professional drivers, brush up on that resume.

    etc. etc.

    If people want to get busy in the car on their way to work, no biggie.

    • heynow00

      Even in a ‘self driving’ car, you’ll never be able to legally sleep or drink/be drunk while operating one.

      There will always require someone liable behind the wheel who can take over/take responsibility it something happens .

      The only way what you’re talking about would be possible is if there are exclusively self driving cars on the road and traffic is automated and I doubt that would happen anytime in the next decade or two.

    • Gohy

      uhh…. what about the self driving cars that have no steering wheels? Google has already shown a prototype with no user facing controls (brakes, steering).

      Face it, the automated systems will be much safer than human controlled cars. In fact the user will probably screw things up by panicking and grabbing the wheel.

  • If it’s truly self driving who cares?

  • Aaron Hoyland

    They seem to be forgetting that even autonomous vehicles will still have windows. The exhibitionists among us notwithstanding, I don’t think many people are interested in getting busy when surrounded by peering strangers.

    • Avgvstvs

      Tint or electronic frosting.

  • MoYeung

    Do it at the backseat or front seat?

  • Randar007

    Oh oh, do I smell another tax or set of fines in the making? Yes, yes, that’s it! Another Govt politician bean counter trying to rape the wallets of the common Canadian.

  • MOUE

    What’s the problem here? If the technology becomes near perfect, what does it matter what people do in their own vehicles?

  • Just Jess

    Obviously, the state’s responsibility should be to legislate rules for a well-ordered society. It has no right or duty to creep into the car sex habits of the nation!

  • Ipse

    Glad the government has our best interest at heart. Just not our health/education/retirement/transportation…
    Bot nothing compares to sex, so they have their priorities straight…again.