Samsung’s IoT SmartThings platform suffers from serious security issues, says report [Update]


  • Raj Singh

    Could be totally wrong but I get the feeling that most IoT devices suffer from serious security vulnerabilities.

    • Do Do

      No, I’d you’re totally right. At least the way most people have them set up.

  • downhilldude

    Nothing new in this article. Others have been written about just about every IoT device out there.

    The article doesn’t give enough details about why the interconnections are “unnecessary”. I’d like to hear the specifics about the researchers biases on that point. I know inter-connectivity is often built in to facilitate enhanced/intelligent functionality. The door lock is allowed to connect to the video camera, to tell it to start taken video any time motion is detected, after the lock is activated, and no smartphones are detected on the wi-fi network (indicating that no one is now at home). It also informs the thermostat, so it can turn down the heat/AC, while everyone is away. When the connected garage door opens, the system also switches on some interior lights in the house. The smartphone may monitor where it is, using GPS, and when it appears to be heading towards home, it signals the thermostat to kick-in again. You get far more options when you allow all the devices to connect to each other. I would hope these researchers get that.

    • Not for you

      You should read the source paper – the one linked in the story. The same paper that says:

      “We found that much of the overprivilege is not due to developer confusion but due to the framework design itself”

    • downhilldude

      Do they spell out what they mean by that. That really doesn’t say a lot.

    • Not for you

      Read the paper for yourself.

  • KiwiBri

    i Actually am a Smartthings user. Not in a big way, but control a couple lights and monitor basement with a water sensor.
    The good news from this, is that I expect to see an update to fix any issues. There’s Tons of other Smart Hub Systems out there.. Wink, Hue, Wemo – all could be susceptible to similar issues.

  • A common term for these among security experts is “The Insecurity of things”

  • Whaaa Whaaaa Flagging Cowards

    This is why BlackBerry should continue to pioneer the IoT space..


      And how can they do that num nuts?

      Little late on the party… Yet again.

    • Whaaa Whaaaa Flagging Cowards

      Awww… my little puppy is following me around. Late to the party? Try harder dooosh