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MyRogers and Shomi mobile app update adds new features

Rogers added features to its MyRogers app today and pushed out several fixes to bugs in its Shomi for iPhone/Android app.

Update 04/05/2016: Rogers reached out to us to let us know that the Play Store update giving access to data usage overage notices is a mistake. “Unfortunately there’s incorrect copy in the Google Play Store as the update doesn’t give your account access to notifications for data usage overage.  We’re currently getting the line removed.”

The most notable new functionality on the updated MyRogers app is a feature that lets users set up notifications for data use overage. This allows for more customization than the text alert warnings Rogers sends out when users are nearing their data cap.

Users will also be able to complete Forgot Password/Username requests, change their account password, set up pre-authorized payments, see the details of their plan and change their voicemail password.

Business customers with Rogers can now view their total account balance on the app, resolving a flaw in the previous versions that caused much customer frustration.

Shomi for iPhone/Android’s update focused mostly on fixing bugs and glitches. It improves the discovery of Chromecast devices, the Android navigation bar is now hidden during playback, and an error that stopped video playback if an ad blocker was installed has been fixed.

The developers also promise that the app will now “recover more gracefully when the internet connection is lost,” and no longer get stuck in landscape mode. Shomi’s dedicated Android tablet app has also been updated with new features.

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