Telus to charge $2 per month for data block feature with ‘enhanced capabilities’

In an effort to reduce bill shock from data overages, Telus will be adding a new feature to its arsenal that will give customers “peace of mind,” at the cost of $2 per month.

Telus, and other Candian carriers, already have the Data Block feature enabled to ensure wireless subscribers are notified when data charges exceed $50 and all data services are blocked. Effective March 3rd, Telus is rolling out a data block feature with ‘enhanced capabilities’ that blocks data but includes access to picture/video messaging, Telus’ website, and its My Account app.

“The new feature blocks wireless data at the network level, while allowing picture and video messaging, and access to telus.com and My Account so customers with the feature can continue to manage their accounts from the device,” said a Telus spokesperson in a statement to MobileSyrup. “The $2/month feature provides customers with peace of mind and cost-control, preventing accidental data usage at pay-per-usage or overage rates. This change will not affect customers that already have data blocked at the network level.”

Customers will be able to add, change, or remove the new data block feature from any Telus app, store, or call centre.

Telus recently reported its Q4 earnings and recorded $3.21 billion in revenues with over 8.5 million wireless subscribers.

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