BlackBerry’s QNX reveals self-driving car platform


  • TheShinraCorp .

    L2 Partial Automation… Traffic Jam Assist… ok I’m curious what this Traffic Jam assist is… is it like let go of the steering wheel during a traffic jam and let it accelerate on your behalf? If that’s the case then it’s a bit bizarre but OK…

    • That would be awesome, it stays in your lane and just takes you through the jam, if there were enough cars it would also slowly fix the jam but starting to space cars and jam would fix.

  • Wilhelm

    This stuff is bullshît. This company cant even deliver on software or their crappy phones and are now talking about self driving cars? Lol. Yeah okay Chenny Chen Chen.

    • Completely different companies man, run as completely two separate entities. But you knew that right? MobileSyrup can you please delete this trolls account!

    • Wilhelm

      Different? QNX represents less than 3% of the revenue for this company but I guess that’s significant to you. Lol

    • So you avoid the whole point, there are separately run, not the same company run buy different people QNX does their own thing, what the hell does that have to do with profit. Just just toss in the price of the Priv now. You really are a one song pony!! Don’t forget the Chen insult!

    • Wilhelm

      So what? What profile has QNX had lately huh? Not much. Now they’re talking shît about self driving cars which is generally a technology that is years away and will as usual provide nothing tangible to this company in the meantime. It probably won’t ever thanks to commodization. It’s just more hype. Smoke and mirrors from a company and a subsidiary hanging by a thread

    • The point is you said they can’t keep up with their device OS how can they do self driving car software. To that I said they are different companies. Do you even read your own messages man? QNX runs the damn space station and sats I’m am almost sure they know what they are doing! Try are in over 60% of the cars already controlling infotainment systems and in car displays, how could they possible know what to do in a car. Maybe we should just let apple make us a car because the price of rice in China!

    • Wilhelm

      QNX makes nothing for this company. I don’t care if they run a radio that allows people to communicate directly with God himself. It’s not a profitable enterprise and has brought absolutely no value to the company since Lazaridis acquired it

    • Here we go about profit again, no one said anything about profit. You just love brining in useless facts to a real conversation. Who cares! The point was that QNX makes good software and they are the perfect people to make a platform like this! That is the point, but because it’s only 3% profit they should all just get in a car and crash into a wall. Moan and groan that they don’t make profit then they reveal a platform that could do this and then makes fun of them for trying to make profit LOL proff again you are just a troll.

      Night Troll!

    • Wilhelm

      Always defending this aren’t ya? Lol. Just can’t let go but for your information this is a publicly traded company where making a profit matters. It’s not Caltech or JPL where research and learning is the be-all and end-all of the operation.

    • Karl Schneider

      Always delfecting aren`t ya…..

  • RedBeaVeR

    If they’re still sucking up all the best and brightest from UofWaterloo grads, they would be a pretty fearsome competitor in this field.