Google will soon make more money from the cloud than advertising, says one of the company’s first employees


  • Elton Bello

    I am not gonna use no clouds. Gonna keep my horse on the ground.

    • El Capitan Morgan

      Make sure its a horse not a pegasus. 😛

    • Elton Bello

      Mobilicity barely can aford a horse…but ty

  • rjmlive

    “I hope we’re going to be the Android of that story”…

    So the story that you bought a company that was using unlicensed IP, didn’t want to collect royalties but needed a platform to lock your accounts and advertising to, so you launch it for free, forcing the IP holders to chase down your “partners” for licensing fees, lose Billions and Billions of dollars trying to protect the platform (Motorola etc) and not directly make or report any income based on it. So if you consider flogging a product to secure user accounts to increase the presence and reach of your advertising platform the success story you want the “google cloud” to be… I wouldn’t want to boast about that legacy.

    I would rather want to brag about building a legitimate product and try to sell it with value on it’s own merit, then you can consider yourself as a competitor in any industry other than advertising that you want to try and compete in.

    It could be very true you can find ways to be efficient and creative with infrastructure delivery, but that has nothing to do with your Android legacy.