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Humble Bundle’s latest deal lets you build Android games for only $12

Humble Bundle

If you’ve ever thought about making a video game, but have neither the technical know-how nor the coding knowledge, thanks to the latest Humble Bundle, now might finally be your chance.

This week’s Humble Bundle gives downloaders access to GameMaker: Studio Pro’s Export for just $12 (the regular version of GameMaker Studio Pro only costs $6). If you include the cost of Google Play Registration (which costs $25) you’re at $37; a decent price to make your first game. The program is designed to make game development easy and accessible, essentially allowing anyone interested in creating their own video game the ability to do so.

Along with GameMaker: Studio Pro comes Savant Ascent, as well as a slew of PC Steam titles like 10 Second Ninja, Super Crate Box and Stealth Bastard Deluxe.

Find the latest Humble Bundle at this link.

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