Hands-on with the faster, stronger, pricier iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus weren’t exactly the stars of today’s Apple keynote — a four-product showcase that started with Apple Watch and transitioned to the iPad Pro, the brand new Apple TV and finally, Apple’s money maker, the iPhone — but it wasn’t without its surprises.


The phones, as expected, look and feel remarkably similar to last year’s iPhone 6 and 6s, a mainstay of Apple’s “tick-tock” smartphone strategy. But unlike the transition from the iPhone 4 to the 4s and the 5 to the 5s, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are actually thicker and heavier than their predecessors, crafted with a new type of aluminum to which Apple owns the patent.

Some of that heft is likely due to the new 3D Touch sensors hidden beneath the IPS display, but it’s just as likely that Apple wanted to avoid any conception that its new devices are even slightly malleable.


Indeed, the iPhone 6s is 13 grams heavier and 0.2 millimetres thinner than the iPhone 6; the iPhone 6s Plus is 20 grams heavier and the same amount thicker. The heft is noticeable on the 6s Plus and less so on the 6s. But if it means a stronger smartphone that is going to last longer, or is less prone to cracking when dropped, customers will be happy. Apple also claims the strongest glass covering on any smartphone with a new “dual ion‑exchange process” on both models. Many drop tests to come will either corroborate or debunk this claim.

Before we get into the two major upgrades over the iPhone 6, here are some smaller one:

  • The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus support Band 12 LTE, which Rogers plans to roll out across the country in the coming months
  • The devices have 2GB of RAM and a new A9 chip which promises nearly double the CPU and GPU processing power over the A8
  • The phones have an improved Touch ID sensor on the home button, with faster response times
  • Siri can be initiated using, “Hey, Siri” without the phone needing to be plugged in
  • The phones support Category-6 LTE with theoretical download speeds of 300Mbps
  • The phones support dual-band 802.11ac WiFi with MIMO with theoretical speeds of 866Mbps
  • The phones have improved 5MP front-facing cameras with “Retina Flash” for brighter shots indoors

Now, the good stuff.


The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have a new feature called 3D Touch, derived from the same Force Touch technology found in the Apple Watch and MacBook trackpads. Like the MacBooks there are two levels of sensitivity, one for “peek” and one for “pop”. The former allows you to push down with moderate force on an icon or piece of content — say an email within the Mail app — to preview the content. Pushing even harder “pops” the user into that content or app.

Things start getting interesting when you consider how 3D Touch becomes a form of multitasking. A link to a web page within an iMessage can be previewed — “peek” — and then, if deemed worthy, “popped,” which opens Safari directly into the app. Then, in iOS 9, you can return to Messages by tapping the top left of the page, since Apple now honours deep links.

Third-party developers can get in on this, too. Dropbox, for instance, supports 3D Touch from the home screen, allowing you to quickly upload a photo. If you’re a former Android user upset that Apple doesn’t support homescreen widgets, consider this your replacement.


Like Siri or Touch ID, both of which were added in S-branded “tock” years, 3D Touch is not a necessary feature, and it appears that every app will work flawlessly without it. But like those two features, the experience of using the iPhone is dramatically and inexorably changed once 3D Touch is adopted, and it’s easy to see how people will begin to rely on it, and change their daily behaviour, as a result.

The iPhone 6s also has a taptic engine, which registers whenever 3D Touch is performed. That feedback provides tactile confirmation that a UI element supports the feature; force touching an area of the display that doesn’t support it registers nothing.


Whether game developers pick up on 3D Touch will be an indication of how versatile the API is, but I can definitely see it being used as a right-click alternative.

And then there’s the camera, which on the iPhone 6s has received the biggest update since the iPhone 4s was upgraded from five megaxels to eight back in 2011. Apple claims that the new 12MP sensor, which features the same five-element F2.2 lens as the iPhone 6, is better in every way. What the company failed to mention was that the actual size of the pixels has been reduced from 1.5 micros to 1.22 microns, which would negatively affect low-light performance, especially on the iPhone 6s because of the lack of optical image stabilization when compared to its larger sibling.

Still, 50% more resolution is a big upgrade, especially for people who want to archive photos at full quality on Photos, Dropbox or Google Drive. (Apple has decreased the cost of iCloud Drive storage, perhaps because it knows what’s coming.)

The photos we saw that were taken by the camera were incredibly detailed and sharp, but it’s unclear how that will translate to daily use. The A9 chip has improved camera loading time, autofocus speed and shutter response, though, and Apple’s industry-leading image signal processor should compensate for the iPhone 6s’s smaller pixels.

The company also unveiled a new feature called Live Photos, reminiscent of Nokia’s Living Images and HTC’s Zoe. When enabled, the phone begins caching images, capturing a few frames before and after the photo is taken. Combined with snippets of audio, the Photos app shows a tiny video before each still is shown; force touching on the screen plays the video snippet in its entirety. Certainly not a brand new feature, but I love both Nokia’s and HTC’s implementations, and it’s great to see the same feature come over to iOS.


The new phones also support 4K video at 30fps, though it disabled by default to ensure that 16GB iPhone 6s users don’t fill up their storage too quickly. While the smaller model lacks physical OIS, the larger model now has offers it while shooting video; last year’s models used digital stabilization when shooting 1080p video. It’s unclear why Apple decided to include 4K support this year, especially since the new Apple TV can’t transmit an equivalent signal, but it’s likely that the industry was moving in that direction and the company needed to move to where the puck is going.

There’s a lot of technology going on here, but what’s interesting, too, is what hasn’t changed. Battery life claims are identical to last year’s models, as are the screen resolution and accompanying specs like contrast ratio and brightness. Apple clearly sees the 326ppi of the iPhone 6s and 401ppi density of the iPhone 6s Plus as sufficient for at least one more year.

But this year there’s another colour to choose from, a tasteful rose gold shade that I was very partial to. It comes with a white front, as do the silver and gold variants, leaving only the Space Grey model with the black front.


As for pricing, Canadians are either going to wail at the exchange rate, or at Apple for acquiescing to it.

The unlocked 16GB iPhone 6s starts at $899 CAD, rising to $1029 for the 64GB model and $1159 for the 128GB version.

The unlocked 16GB iPhone 6s Plus starts at $1029 CAD, rising to $1159 for the 64GB model and $1289 for the 128GB version.

These are not cheap phones, and are even pricier than the raised prices of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus back in March, though admittedly the Canadian dollar has depreciated against the Greenback even further since then.

Carriers haven’t unveiled pricing just yet, but you can expect the cheapest versions of the 6s and 6s Plus to come in around $409 and $539 respectively.


  • jellmoo

    Has the 2GB of Ram been confirmed? I haven’t seen concrete news as of yet.

    • Kevin Dunphy

      Wondering as well! Can we get some kind of confirmation!?

    • bcsc

      It is not confirmed. Apple never released the details on RAM in their phones. You will have to wait for a teardown to get solid confirmation. Speculation would say yes but that is not concrete.

    • danbob333

      they did release this number when they were on par with the competition

    • Ledsteplin

      When? I don’t think they ever have.

    • Rafael David González

      Ledsteplin is correct. Apple has never publicly disclosed the RAM in their iPhones in any documentation for or announcement of same.

    • Francis.F

      Still 1 gb

    • Elton Bello

      The guys says on the article they have 2gb, cant you read?

    • jellmoo

      I… I can’t tell if you’re tying to be funny or not…

    • Elton Bello

      Maybe I dont get yours….doesnt the guy says almost on the top that it has 2gb? Sure I read it

    • jellmoo

      Yeah… And I was asking if it was confirmed, since every other tech blog still hasn’t had a definitive answer yet, and it was stated here as a point of fact.

    • Elton Bello

      Sorry if I offended you but if you dont trust MobileSyrup what are you doing here? Even though sometime their writers may write something in a hurry, which I understand because I know their bussines, I think they still do a decent job! And if the writer writes it black on white that they have 2gb ram, I believe him!

    • jellmoo

      Totally not offended dude, no worries on that front. It’s not that I don’t trust the guy, I hold the MS writers to pretty high esteem and believe they do quality work. I was just asking if he’d heard actual confirmation in regards to 2GB or RAM, or if it was still the same supposition that has been floating around the tech scene for a good while now.

    • Tyrannosaur3464

      Are you dense? He wants official confirmation.

    • ed eddie

      MKBHD says it has only 1GB! ????????

    • jellmoo

      To be fair, he did say “as far as I know”. I think we’ll have to wait for a teardown to know for sure.

    • El Capitan Morgan

      It doesn’t matter if it is 1GB or 2GB, it still expensive!!!

    • TheAdvocator

      Just like every other flagship phone in existence.

    • gommer strike

      I think the article was updated since your comment, as now it shows:

      “The devices have 2GB of RAM and a new A9 chip which promises nearly double the CPU and GPU processing power over the A8”

  • Adam B

    Sorry, just trying to clean up the projectile vomit from my computer after reading the costs of these new iPhones. Looks like I’ll be buying a new Moto X after all!

    • hunkyleepickle

      No kidding. Iphones are nice, but are they 500$ + nicer than a moto x? Do they do twice as many things? I don’t think so.

    • cartfan88

      You were waiting for these to see what the prices where going to be? It was pretty much a lock they go higher here plus it was unlikely that they make the base 32gb of storage. Their fans will pay it and move on.

    • Exodus

      I don’t get why people are shocked at the pricing. It’s not like apple was going to drastically drop their prices for a new phone. This should have come as a surprise to no one.

    • Adam B

      Nobody was expecting a price drop, I just personally wasn’t expecting the SECOND price INCREASE in the same calendar year! In February the iPhone 6 16 GB was $749 outright, now the iPhone 6s 16 GB is $899. (I know they’re different models, but Apple always used to release new models at the previous price and then drop the old models price) Lets not even get into the discussion about how useless a 16 GB phone is, even to a basic user like my girlfriend or even my parents!

    • jellmoo

      I don’t think anyone expected a price drop, but I also don’t think anyone expected a price hike either, especially one that is larger than the actual currency conversion between the two dollars.

    • neo905

      It would have been easier to swallow if they threw the consumer a bone and made the base storage 32GB instead of throwing the consumer under the bus again and charging more for the 16GB model this year.

  • Francis.F

    Hahaha 1,715 mAh battery hahahah get ready to hug the walls Again

    • gommer strike

      It would laughable in an Android phone. But the iPhone 6 on a measly 1800mAh lasted just as long, if not longer than my HTC M7 with a 2300mAh battery. As an additional point, the M7’s battery was better on Android 4.2.2, compared against 4.4.2, where standby time proceeded to a steep dive.

      Apple’s taken the optimization approach instead of the brute force one with respect to battery size. There are phones which pack a bigger battery but for some reason longevity is still inconsistent(although they have quick-charge to mitigate that).

    • Azim Esmail

      My iPhones have always lasted longer than my Androids. My 6 Plus has much better battery life than my S6 edge+.

    • Francis.F

      This is the 6s battery not 6s plus that has a little bigger 2915mAh battery no wonder it will have a better usage

    • Azim Esmail

      That still doesn’t explain almost every single one of my previous Android phones having worse battery life than my iPhones. Or that my sisters’s iPhone 5S, and mom’s iPhone 6 lasts longer than my S6 edge+.

    • Francis.F

      Really every single android phone!!!!! U only named one Samsung I highly doubt it
      If ur happy with ur 6s plus good for u, I was just pointing out the small battery in the 6s

    • Azim Esmail

      I said ALMOST every Android that I’ve owned. Which would be… S, S2, S2 HD, S3, S4 , S5, S6 edge, S6 edge+, Note 1, 2, 3, 4, edge, Sony Z, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z Ultra, HTC One M7, M8, Motorola Atrix, X, X 2014, Nexus One, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, OnePlus One, and maybe more.. Can’t remember. Out of those, my Sony Z Ultra, Nexus 6, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note Edge, and Galaxy S3 had the best battery life, if I remember correctly.

    • Francis.F

      thanks for naming all the android phones you use looks like u get around switching to a new phone ever month

    • Azim Esmail

      Whenever something new comes out, I usually buy it.

    • Domino67

      BS…the Xperia Z3 is proven to get better battery life than any iphone.

    • Azim Esmail

      I’m saying based on my experiences and phone usage.

    • gommer strike

      There’s lots of reasons for this.

      1) Wakelocks. Whenever an Android phone is being asked to do something in the background, the device is pulled out of deep sleep(or prevented from entering deep sleep for that matter). Many apps generate these wakelocks, which prevent the phone from going into deep sleep.

      2) Android was designed to be open from get-go…meaning more freedom to app developers to do what they please with the device. Naturally this extends to Google. Run GSAM and/or WLD over the course of a few days, and witness how much time Google services keeps the phone alive and “doing something” even when the screen is off.

      With iPhones, 3rd party developers are constrained in what they’re allowed to do(plus the user gets to exert more control over the app, via denying it background refresh and access to things such as your contacts). For all the snide remarks of “iPhones can’t multitask”, these same people conveniently omit the part where their Android phones are constantly doing stuff in the background that they wouldn’t be able to answer.

      In the end it’s a different philosophy per OS. Openess and freedom but at the cost of battery life, or walled garden where everything’s beautiful…as long as you’re OK with being constrained to the rules.

      Finally iOS and iPhone hardware is an example of vertical integration where the software and hardware are tightly interwoven together. Android has to function on all kinds of dissimilar hardware(kinda like Windows) and thus has to make some sacrifices along the way. No surprise then, that iOS devices have the edge on battery life, despite them having a smaller battery compared to Android phones.

  • cartfan88

    Just waiting for the Dan article on how the new camera kills the S6.

  • INavin Kalimuthu

    Anyone know how much the current versions of the phone will drop too? I got the 6 Plus 128GB Gold which is discontented would their be a price drop?

    • jellmoo

      Apple Canada has the price of the 6 at $769/$899 and the 6 Plus at $899/$1,029. Curiously, it looks like they’ve dropped the 128GB version from the current models.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    @Daniel: I laughed when I read this (in a good way) “the company needed to move to where the puck is going.” Don’t think I’ll ever see it written in the USA or European reviews in that way. Thanks for keeping a Canadian flavour in your writing.

    • gommer strike

      Good ol’ Gretzky eh. No, not Paulina. Her father Wayne.

  • ed eddie

    1GB or 2GB? ????????????

    • Mitchell Palmater

      2gb Ram. Confirmed by Apple support.

    • ed eddie

      yay thanks ????????????

    • FiveOD

      I doubt very seriously that Apple support gets any more information on specs than is publicly released.

    • Bravadu

      I hope you don’t mean the guy on Reddit. Supposedly Apple support guys don’t know either.

  • Michael Conrad

    The force touch menu is neat, but it’s not a replacement for widgets. Alternative? Perhaps. But certainly no replacement. Force touch isn’t going to give you your calendar on your home screen.

    Regardless, not a bad event. Stylus’ are now “cool”. Sorry. Can’t help being a little cute. Seriously, the “S” phones are what you want. If I was an iPhone user I would always wait for the “S” phone.

    • Joseph

      Now yes but before no look at the jump from the 3gs to the 4 holy crap but now yes s is the best

    • gommer strike

      It’s basically a right-click, which is kinda neat. I’ll have to try before passing judgement, because clearly the iPhone6S is capable of distinguishing the difference between a long-press(which activates the “move icon function), versus a Force Touch.

      That in itself is kinda amazing but does it warrant upgrading from a 6 to a 6S?

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  • Denis Okoye

    Humm. Is it 3d touch just the same as Samsung air view ?

    • Bri Bru

      not really.. not at all

    • gommer strike

      Nope, think of 3D touch as enabling “right-click” functionality on your iPhone. Upon “right-clicking” on home screen icons, you bring up a quick functions menu which allow to do things immediately then and there(and in some cases, without needing to enter inside the app).

      When you’re inside an app such as Mail, 3D touch allows you to inspect the contents of a message(basically previewing it) without having to leave the main screen of the mailbox.

  • For 4K video does Apple use HEVC or still old H264?

    • peevee


    • neo905

      It is H265. They did so to consume less storage on the device. Won’t help those with the 16GB version though.

  • mynameaintyao

    We need a screenshot of the Memory widget to get confirmation on 2GB

    • Mitchell Palmater

      2gb ram was confirmed by apple support.

    • Source? Screenshot?

  • My credit card company just sent me an email, a proactive spending alert warning me to not even bother!

  • Garrett Cooper

    I was sold on a Nexus 5X. Watched the 6s announcement yesterday and was impressed, thought I may go play with one and possibly give iOS another shot (last one was a iPhone 4). Then I saw pricing… LMFAO. 16GB is a joke, so I’d need 64GB. Looking like that would be $539 WITH a new contract? That’s the expected price of an N5X outright. I knew it would be expensive, but this is ridiculous.

  • Futer

    look at the fanboi iSheep in here arguing and rubbing one out over 1gb vs 2gb ram LOL

    • Marc Palumbo

      lol. I’m not a big fan of your posts but you’re right. They’re all looking for confirmation with a screenshot from Apple support. And here I am sitting at my desk with a 2 year old phone with 2GB of ram.

    • iemand

      yet that 2 gig ram phone of yours is slower than the 1 gig iphone 6 in every single thing it does

    • Marc Palumbo

      The iPhone 6 is newer than my phone so I would hope so. But iOS is the only OS that requires 2GB of ram to do multitasking.

      Anyways watching everyone trying to get a confirmation is so much fun. I’m going to grab some popcorn

  • cartfan88

    To sum up “Apple did the rose gold better than everyone else. 10/10. Samsung has their work cut out for them”.

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  • El Capitan Morgan

    The wanna-be isheep will start lining up for the older Apple models cause it is cheaper…. for them, it won’t matter as long as they are using iPhone. Why not sign up for iPhone 5? Maybe you’ll get it for free when you sign up a 2-year contract.

    • Elton Bello

      5s is free now

    • El Capitan Morgan

      Thanks for the info @ToniB111:disqus. I stopped looking at these contract phones many years ago. I usually just buy my phone online or somewhere outside these Canadian Telcos.

    • Elton Bello

      I bought Huawei P8 Max from China

  • BioFanatic

    “Then, in iOS 9, you can return to Messages by tapping the top left of the page, since Apple now honours deep links.”

    Hey everyone, Apple just invented Android’s “back” button.

  • Kevin Dunphy

    LOL at all you “iSheep” paying $1000 for a buttery smooth OS, years of guaranteed, reliable, SAME DAY service, and top of the line build quality!

    I dont know about all of you “iSheep” but I love having to mail my android phone away for 1-2 weeks just a mere 6 MONTHS after purchase! I love waiting for them to fix it and mail it back to me only to have the same exact problem I had 3 weeks ago!

    Who let the kids home from school early!? Lol, if I wanted a nice laggy, stuttering, and freezing android experience I wouldve kept my S6 Edge!

    Everyone can talk all they want about Apples prices but the fact remains youre still paying usually 700-800 for a top of the line Android device! A quad core device with 3 GBs of ram running a cartoonish OS that STILL manages to consistently stutter, lag, and freeze.

    Enjoy that extra $200 you saved guys… Probably going to need it to buy a Moto G when your phone “suddenly” stops working 😉

    • h2oflyer

      If you go Android you need to stay away from the low end stuff!

      My third Sony (Z3 now) has never managed you stutter, lag or freeze, even after using in the pool or Lake.

      You get what you pay for… BTW my other phone is a 5s.

    • Kevin Dunphy

      I just bought a S6 Edge two weeks ago and if I have too many tabs or videos playing its game over for doing anything on that phone lol! Waiting for this 5.1.1 update but its taken literally months so far…

      People can say what they want but iPhones definitely have their advantages!

    • thereasoner

      Curious, how can you wait months for an update on a phone you had for “2 weeks” ? I know tons of iPhone users who wish they waited to install iOS updates because of the buggy mess Apple made out of iOS 8.

      BTW, my GS6 has 5.1.1 and it runs perfectly but then I’m not trying to play “too many videos” all at once while simultaneously keeping multiple tabs open. Like people actually do that? Lmao! You’re a bad troll.

    • Kevin Dunphy

      I havent been waiting months obviously… I just did some research to try and fix the lag and I saw that the update came out in April… Its now September and I still dont have an update on my phone.

      As for bugs in iOS8, im not sure I never used it at launch. But its 100% more smooth and stable than 5.0.2 or whatever my S6 Edge is running right now!

      Let me also clarify… too many tabs open and ONE video playing from the Chrome web browser…

      and yes… people DO do that lol!

      The sad thing is im definitely not a troll.. I gave it a legit shot… I even ordered a custom Toronto Raptors case for it two weeks ago because I was positive… based on what everyones been saying… that the Galaxy is simply better than the iPhone.

      Honestly, for what I want in a phone at this point in time. Theyre wrong.

      The camera was amazing and the build quality seems amazing but touch wiz is kind of ugly (themes help!) and its just too laggy for me.

      How is 5.1.1 though!? Did it improve alot?

    • Kevin Dunphy

      Hell, the one thing people complain about most I even had no problems with! Battery life! Can definitely last throughout the day for the most part! The quick charger is amazing!

      But like I said for me it comes down to other priorities at this point!

      Smooth, lag free, phone thats reliable and well built. An OS thats pleasing to look at every day (personal preference really). Finally the most important thing, the best warranty in the industry!

      Apple may be overpriced a bit compared to most phones (alot compared to the Nexus line) but no one else offers what Apple offers!

    • thereasoner

      I didn’t have lag before I got 5.1.1 last week and I don’t have it now. There is obviously something wrong with the unit you had.

    • Kevin Dunphy

      Thats worse than the “iSheep”… blindly defending known, widespread problems.

      I can guarantee theres nothing wrong with the unit I have… literally everyone complains about this and ive replicated it on 2 other S6’s. Enjoy your Android.

    • thereasoner

      Nonsense, I just don’t keep things open unnecessarily. I know how to use the phone, it’s as simple as that.

    • Kevin Dunphy

      Right lol… So now… Like with most Androids… Ive got all these amazing features that im not allowed to use because it kills my battery too much or causes my phone to lag…

      Thats almost as bad as when Apple told us “were holding it wrong”…

      Its 2015… Tabs shouldnt bring my device to a crawl… 3 gigs of ram and it honestly lags worse than my GS3 ever did.

      Maybe youve never had a real smooth experience to compare it too im not sure.

    • thereasoner

      I think you’re full of it personally and you’re not very good at it.

    • Cornfed710

      Sounds about right

  • peevee

    In what format do they store their “Live Photos” (chosen by default BTW)? Is it still a JPEG with some sidecar file (or EXIF extension)? If yes, in what format is the sidecar, is it readable by non-Apple software? If no, are you ready to have all your and/or photos taken by your relatives and friends locked into Apple infrastructure, viewable only by Apple and Apple-approved software? It would be simply inevitable, many people would not know or would not bother to turn off the feature.

  • jinxxxed23

    So disappointed that they added another white variant. The Rose Gold would have been astoundingly beautiful on a black phone

    • Kevin Dunphy

      Id also like the normal gold on a black phone!

  • “16GB iPhone 6s starts at $899 CAD.”
    Are they insane?

    • For me the really crazy price is the above $500 for the IPhone 6ss+ on contract. This is insane.

    • I always buy phones outright, so I suppose it was more of a shock to me.

    • jay

      You see million sold in Canada. Same price getting two new phones. More redicules is the apple care

  • Bri Bru

    oh wow way too expensive.. damn Canadian dollar…

  • Mauricio Araujo

    Nice update to the iPhone 6, although I find we’re getting to a point where most phones, no matter the OS, are delivering a great build quality, something that Apple had been doing for years now, although that gap has been closed IMO, in flagship models… plus how we currently use smartphones, the faster CPU/GPUs are meaning less and less, unless your main goal is to get a higher benchmark score, cameras on certain phones that gap is much smaller now. Once some innovative ways of using a smart phone/pocket device come about (and it will) that can change, but currently there are just small evolutionary features in each generation that pack less wow factor. After owning 3 generations of iPhones, I currently got a Galaxy S6 Edge (64G for $160 on contract due to extra discount being a new Telus subscriber), must say i Love all aspects of the phone, Android has come a long way polishing their OS from earlier versions. I would consider going back to an iPhone in the future or getting another Android device when I upgrade, depending of the offers at the time. At the end of the day, it’s not much different that PC vs Mac, which one is better? The one you prefer.

  • jay

    Hardware don’t really care or 12 or 16 MP not big in pictures but there are things like 720p screen or not waterproof. 16GB storage and all to this amazing price.
    Not a big ios fan like my mac but iPhone? What a joke

  • JJ

    I have a feeling this phone going to cost $400 on a 2 year subsidy for a 16GB, Ridiculous pricing.

  • Elia Colla

    The devices have 2GB of RAM and a new A9 chip which promises nearly double the CPU and GPU processing power over the A8
    read the article, don’t just glimps at the video

  • Jakob

    The prices for these phones are outrageous, even for Apple. There’s different types of expensive:

    1. This is expensive because it is premium.
    2. This is more expensive because it is premium and we have a strong brand.

    3. This is even more expensive because f*ck you, give us your money.

    This is the latter.

  • monsterduc1000

    Nexus 5 2015, here I come 🙂

  • mgg_g3

    Wow … nice job Daniel… such a clean review, almost no Android content … It would be nice if all the Android reviews would be done the same way.

    Why would I use hard press ? … peek, pop is all there in android if you use the right app … gestures also work fine, double touch as well , long press as well … Apple did not invent anything they just make a different use and include that in the the default apps. Heck, I am not sure when was the last time I used a default app in my G3. Maybe the camera app … all other apps are additions and optimizations I enjoy.

    And the price for idevices is not high enough, people are still going to buy them no matter the cost. (use that “better than the other thing” justification) … I know I have a few at home that are made for dumb people. Not saying that people are dumb, just saying that the device is made with dumb people in mind. One day in my old days I will undoubtedly get there and I will pay the high price for simplicity and limited “acceptable” functionality. Until then I will do more, use more, play more and enjoy more.

  • After the first iteration of the new MacBooks with the 3D, one could instantly see it was going to leap to the iPhone/iPad, I just didn’t know this quick. Still not as functional as an S-Pen (for those who use one), but it’s certainly an upgrade of the static iPhone functionality.

  • jay

    when the iphone went up in price i thought how can they do that? usually phones getting cheaper every three month or so. like the G3 think when it came out it was 199 ,149 and 99 and now free. apple is the only company that can do that. because a lot Canadians buying it. really that is so bad and that has to stop. even you all apple fans it would be a good time to skip the 6s so the next one has a good price.

    does a lot change on the 6s? felt like laughing when someone uses the force touch to make a selfie because it faster just go in the app and make the picture…

    • Kevin Dunphy

      Right…. God forbid anyone want to do something quicker…

    • Cornfed710

      You understand the Canadian price is all because our dollar is so low right? If the dollar was still at par, we’d be paying $200 for a 16gb 6S on contract.

    • jay

      But nobody can do that only apple can because the people go and buy one. In Europe apple doesn’t even have 8 % marketshare. Well in the UK they do. If they increase there price in France people wouldn’t even look at the iphone. But that’s apple and honestly I don’t even care

    • Cornfed710

      Fair enough, I just don’t think  needs/should be trying to compete on price.  is a premium electronics company, and you get what you pay for.

    • jay

      They can’t do that in Europe because nobody put up with that. But in Canada people just buy it and that’s all

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  • jay

    Don’t understand the ram thing? Don’t even care about it. I would like to wireless charging or waterproof. That ate thing that a phone should do. 6s plus should support quick charge.

    • Cornfed710

      The extra ram will be greatly appreciated, if true, especially on the 6S+

  • jay

    Apple will sell again millions of phones. They are better? They doing nothing special or even better. Still no widgets or quick charging. Not even wireless charging. If they have 1 or 6 GB RAM or if they are faster I really don’t care. A very good option for a phone would be waterproof or so. But nothing. OK apples service is awesome but it took sometime to build that.

    This year is the first time I will do the lineup but not to buy a phone I’ll make a movie to understand why people buying an iPhone. I will make the movie with a Sony camera. So will upload it to YouTube