Google announces Brillo, an Android derived operating system for the Internet of Things


At Google I/O today, Sundar Pichai, the company’s senior vice president, announced Brillo, Google’s “underlying operating system for the Internet of Things.”

Pichai described Brillo as an Android derived operating system that’s been polished down to the essentials, keeping systems like WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity while ditching other, more resource intensive features. He went on to claim that the OS could run on something as simple as a door knob.

Google also announced Weave, a cross platform communications protocol that developers of existing IoT devices can leverage to allow their devices to talk with other Internet connected devices. The system provides a set of standardized schemas that all devices running Weave can understand, even if they use completely different operating systems.

According to Pichai, a developer preview of Brillo is coming in Q3 2015. Weave, on the other hand, will see its full stack released in the following quarter.

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