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Google doubles cloud storage capacity for Google Play Music users

As the music industry shifts towards streaming and subscription services, many are wondering what they’re to do with the hundreds or perhaps thousands of tracks they have stored as MP3s on their phone, iPod or computer. Google already offers users enough cloud storage space for 20,000 tracks, but today the company is more than doubling that.

In a blog post published on Wednesday, Google announced that in addition to streaming access to 30 million songs, Google Play Music subscribers now have enough room to store 50,000 tracks in their music locker in the cloud. Once you store them, these songs will be available to stream or download to your phone, tablet, PC, or Chromecast.

50K Locker Launch Image

While the most obvious appeal of music locker services is taking past purchases with you as you transition to this new delivery model, it’s also a great solution for the problem caused by artists that don’t want their content to be available on these types of services. Taylor Swift’s 1989 isn’t on Google Play Music, but there’s nothing to stop die-hard fans from buying it on iTunes and putting it on the cloud for easy any-time access.


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