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Glympse Keyboard for Android adds a dedicated Glympse button to your keyboard

Popular location sharing application Glympse has released another application for Android users. This one is a special keyboard that will allow users to share their location with friends via their favourite messaging or social media apps.

Launched on Thursday, Glympse Keyboard generates a link that is pasted to your conversation for sharing with your contacts. Of course, you’ll need to have Glympse installed before the keyboard will work, but once you set up Glympe and the Glympse Keyboard as your input method, sharing your location is pretty easy.

The app actually offers two ways to share your location. The first is a full keyboard that replaces the ‘g’ with a stylized Glympse ‘g.’ If you press it normally while typing, it will input the letter ‘g’ without any interruption. If you tap and hold, it will bring up the option to share your location along with the usual Glympse settings for setting a timer and destination for your Glympse.

The second option is Quick Send, which is supposed to let you share your location without ‘interrupting your flow.’ It works with your current keyboard, but unlike the full Glympse Keyboard with its dedicated button, the Quick Send option requires you to hold down the space bar key and then actually switch to the Quick Send keyboard in order to bring up the Glympse interface. Not as elegant a solution as the full Glympse Keyboard but it works and you don’t have to replace your favourite keyboard with one of Glympse’s creation.

The end result, regardless of the method you choose, is a link for your contact to view your location and your destination if you’ve selected one. The Glympses you share via the keyboard are listed in your Glympse app so you can still monitor who’s watching you and delete specific Glympses if you no longer want to share your location.

Gympse Keyboard is free and requires Android 3.0 and up.


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