Fleksy 3.0 adds store for premium themes, new interface

Fleksy has been making a relatively big splash in the Android keyboard market over the past year, owing to its unique gesture-friendly input method.

The company has announced that Fleksy 3.0, available today, will provide a new user interface and premium themes through the Fleksy Store, similar to what SwiftKey offers.


Unlike SwiftKey, though, the keyboard is not going to be free: the company will continue to charge $3.99 for the app after a 30-day trial. “Even in the presence of free alternatives, people are willing to pay a premium when it comes to world-class design and next-gen features for their keyboard, and for good reason, given just how much time you spend on it every day. Downloads have been growing 30% monthly since launching last December, and our conversions to paid users have been increasing dramatically as well. It’s great testament to the quality of our product and shows that the keyboard is a huge part of the overall phone experience, for both Android and iOS,” Fleksy’s founder and CEO, Kosta Eleftheriou, said in a statement.

Fleksy 3.0 also sports a brand new default keyboard design and new user interface for the menu, as well as 17 new languages which were previously only available in beta.

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