Motorola launching LTE Moto G at Fido and Rogers, bringing unlocked 16GB HSPA+ model to Staples

Motorola has expanded its venerable smartphone line today by offering a new version of its extremely-successful Moto G smartphone. In fact, the Moto G is the best-selling smartphone in Motorola’s history, and has sold 150,000 units in Canada. The 4.5-inch 720p device, which arrived in Canada last year as an HSPA-only product, is coming to Fido and Rogers in a revamped LTE variant.

Besides the addition of a microSD slot — another addition based on user feedback — the LTE Moto G will be identical to the 8GB original. Available with a variety of coloured backplates, the device is $275 outright at both Rogers and Fido, and $225 on a month-to-month term.

The Fido version, on contract, is $50 on a Standard plan and $0 on a Smart plan; the Rogers version is available for $0 on a 2-year plan as part of the company’s Lite lineup.

In addition, the original 16GB HSPA+ version of the Moto G is coming to Staples, unlocked and with no contract, for $249 starting in June. The LTE version will be available at Fido and Rogers in the coming weeks.

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