Crittercism says apps respond faster in Canada than in any other country


  • goolger

    not for blackberry apps

    • Allwayswrite


  • Peter

    Further proof that we have a world-class network, unfortunately this comes at a cost. Consumers can’t have it both ways, if you want the fastest network you have to pay for it.

    • Acer12345

      There’s a difference between a paying a fair price and paying an outrageous price. The latter is where we’re currently at.

    • Peter

      I would then argue that we have outrageous data speeds.

    • Brian Blanchard

      We do. I’m happy to pay $60, just not $100.

    • mat

      We also have 3 very anti-competitive telecom companies who are charging literally as much as they possibly can get away with. Why is it that even when Telus and Bell pooled resources to build a new network, their prices remained on the level with Rogers? And why is it that all 6 carriers raise prices within a month of eachother?

      Go on the mobile offerings for Robellus for Quebec or other provinces with regional providers, and suddenly the prices are almost reasonable. You know why? Because they have actual competition! Go figure.

    • ScooterinAB

      Pricing in other regions isn’t solely about competition. If you look at coverage maps, population trends, and a number of other industry and sociological factors, you can see that it is harder to offer lower pricing in a region that is a lot more widespread and lightly populated than in a denser area like Quebec.

      There really is a lot more going on here than simple greed.

    • Yeria

      We don’t have any world-class network. I felt it myself when I traveled to South Korea where everyone watches internet TV on subways like we get snow here.

      If we do truly have this “world-class” network, I don’t want it. I want whatever they have in South Korea and want to pay what they pay every month, which is roughly $40 CAD.

    • Peter

      Yes of course it will be cheaper there. South Korea is 100 times smaller than Canada and they also have a population of 50 million. Much, much easier for them to roll out and upgrade their networks, way more cost effective. Lastly, you can also watch TV on any internet enabled device here in Canada.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Paying through the nose for points of a second in response time… seems logical… /sarcasm

    • Mo Dabbas

      I pay 60 bucks (tax included) for my plan and I have 6Gb of data, unlimited receiving, 400 outgoing minutes during the day, unlimited talk after 5 and weekends, unlimited global texting, voice mail and call display included. I think this is a fare price from fido compared to any plan in the US.
      I signed my brother on the 55 dollar plan (only available in QC) and with bring your own device and having him on my account he gets 10% + 10% off (total 20%). so that translates to about 50 bucks with the tax.

      What I’m trying to say, our prices are not as bad as they sound. Especially compared to the prices down in the states (where they actually get worse plans and services). Local providers also have great deals (here in quebec, videotron has a 55 dollar plan with 6Gb of data and unlimited everything else).

      in the end, if you’re not happy about a plan, just dont buy it. Don’t jump along a ride and then complain about it while you’re in it.

  • alphs22

    Conclusion: Canadians get to see ads faster than anyone.

  • Scott

    I’m curious about how they got all this data? Did they get the NSA api to run some data analysis on?

    • Ulysses Grant

      Yeah, probably using SPSS.

  • mggOptimusG

    There is no data in the report, a simple presentation on totally unexplained numbers. Until we see the raw data there is nothing that can be a conclusion.

    Apps respond faster in Canada ? … Did they come to that conclusion by doing an average response time across Canada ? … how heavily used are the canadian networks compared to the other countries, how does that compare to the number of handsets and average app use ? … way too many variables to be summarized by one statement.

    On page 5 of the report they do not list blackberry so how complete is this ?

    • Yeria

      Very true. I feel the response time in Canada is fast only because no one’s using mobile data as users need to bear very high cost.

      In South Korea (I’m choosing the country as an example because I travel there often), almost every single person uses smartphone and mobile data access is available everywhere including in their extensive subway routes. I saw people watching Sochi Olympics on their phones using mobile data and I know they can do that because the cost to use such service is quite affordable.

      I know I could do the same thing using my Nexus 7 LTE on Bell mobility, but doing so would cost me $150+ every month, so I don’t touch mobile data unless I must.

  • Laer

    Interesting to see that android was so stable all these years especially considering all the hardware flavors involved, you’d think iOS would be much more stable given they control all pieces of the puzzle, and the puzzle is smaller.

    • ScooterinAB

      Yeah. I was just thinking the same think. From all the Kool-aid we’re fed about one device, one screen, one resolution stability, it’s surprising to see that Android apps are more stable that iOS ones. Glad to hear that there is more to it than marketing has us believe.

  • canuck07

    Is this some Robellus propaganda trying to justify their vampire-style blood-sucking scheme?

    • PT

      How could you not to mentioned our beloved CTRC?

    • Peter

      If you cant afford it don’t use it 😉

    • PT

      Can’t afford vs being rip-off are two different meanings.

  • PT


    Are these guys got paid by Robellus? lol!

    • Peter

      Why? Because it doesn’t fit with the argument that Canadians are getting gouged by the big 3? The truth is, and it is coming out slowly, we actually have a very robust and fast network here in Canada, even though the country spans almost 10 million square kilometer.

    • blzd

      It doesn’t fit with all the studies that show our mobile networks are not that fast compared to other places in the world. The only thing that makes sense here is that were geographically located close to U.S, but Russia actually has the fastest mobile networks right now.

    • PT

      “The truth is, and it is coming out SLOWLY, we actually have a very robust and fast network here in Canada”

      Welcome to 2014. Have you been living in a cave?
      90% of the populations live just like a thin strip alone the 49th parallel north by the way. You’re been living in a fantasy world for too long, and don’t know how to get out of it.

  • Chris

    * Brought to you by Robellus. Let’s price gouge, together in unison, while capping data really low. 🙂 Now on a faster network so you can start paying overages earlier on in the month than you were before! 🙂

    Oh and then we’ll use our funded power and deception to control and influence all sorts of stuff, including “people!”

  • JTon

    ITT: b*tching and moaning