Fido lowers data and raises prices on most Standard, Smart and Max plans, increases subsidy allowance


  • Ken K.

    They are owned by Robbers for a reason.

    • TomsDisqusted

      More importantly, now that Verizon is out of the picture, and they managed to keep any serious players out of the spectrum auction, they know that they are safe from any real competition and can go back to pillaging.

      Having Videotron (a company with interests very much in line with Robellus) get most of the spectrum reserved for new entrants was a dream come true for Robellus.

    • ScooterinAB

      There’s a difference between keeping serious players out of the recent spectrum auction and non-serious players not being able to afford to purchase or deploy the spectrum. The second part is truer than the first.

    • Fido Rep

      Hi fellow Mobilesyrupers,

      We at Fido is happy to bring you exciting new plans that give you less value than before! Now for a terrific increase of ONLY $5/month, you can enjoy less minutes and less data on most, if not all, of our plans! Now, you might ask yourself, hey if I’m going to pay $5 more a month, I should get something in return, right? NOPE! Most of our phones are still the same price as they were before! The “increase in available subsidy” you read in Daniel Bader’s amazing article above? You would be greatly mistaken if you think we’d actually let you use it, LOL!

      But, you might notice that the Samsung S4 has gone down in price. Do not adjust your glasses, that is correct! It has gone down by $100 on our Smart Plans, but guess what? The $5 increase a month actually works out to 120$ over the 2 years that you’ll be with us, so in reality, you’re paying $20 more!

      I hope everyone has a great day! We at Fido are hard at work trying to bring you less value in the future!

    • bicecream

      LOL great work I was sincerely fooled after the first few sentences. Well done 😛

    • cartfan88

      That was great. Even better that that’s how they sell it to you for real with a smile.

  • Jeeverz

    Small mistake “and finally the $64 plan offers unlimited data and 1GB of data.”

  • mwahahahaha

    BITE THIS –> (__|__) !!!

  • Lazardus

    Are you kidding me?

  • KrispyInTO

    They are taking a big dump on consumers. These plans are doo doo.

  • JC

    sure, lets charge more for more minutes (which fewer and fewer are used by people) and provide less data, which more and more is used. good business decision… i****s..

  • FunkyMonkey

    Thanks MS, just called FIDO to switch to this great plan, asked them to charge me more and give me less data.

    • sickens

      But… BUT… MOAR MINUTES?!

    • cartfan88

      Which rep did you talk to I’d like less for more also…

  • Adnan Zamir

    Kiss my butt!!! These plans are a slap on those whose want to save money.

  • sickens

    “Canada’s Wireless Policy: More choice. Lower Price. Better Service.” What a farce and complete failure this has been on all fronts. Absolutely none of the above is true here, or elsewhere.

    • grantdude

      Well, technically, the $44 plan is new, so the “more choice” part is true. They said more choice. They didn’t say better choice.

    • Stephen_81

      The Policy was a sham before it even started.

      More Choice, Lower prices, better service, NOTHING in the changes to the industry were directed at that. Consumers saw lip service as to who can buy new spectrum, which doesn’t have to result in more choice or better service. and nothing dictated any sort of pricing protection beyond nerfing contract powers.

      Better service would have resulted in forcing the Big 3 to further share their tower network, and wholesale costs like wired internet has seen.

  • Steve Black

    So the only thing, that made fido interesting, is now gone…Why chose fido now ? The phone selection is not even that great.

    • Bri Bru

      Why choose Fido now? because we love puppies and dogs!

    • icyhotonmynuts

      If you want animals, go with Telus.

    • Bri Bru

      Time for me to make sign two contracts just for the love of animals, one with Fido and one with Telus!! YAY!!

  • Super_Deluxe

    Smiling as I look at my 400 Canada wide minutes and 5GB of data plan for $55 with Rogers. I feel so bad for everyone else who is getting robbed blindly by the Big 3.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Let me guess, Wind or Moblicity? Yeah we don’t have them in Manitoba so that’s not a fair comeback 🙂

    • Nadefrenzy

      Wind doesn’t count.

    • Dave

      It is for 700,000 customers apparently.

    • Jay

      700000 is barely 6% of the population where they offer service. It’s hard to give them much credibility in the national landscape. Hell, it’s hard to give them credibility in their own landscape…

    • ScooterinAB

      I can’t really disagree, because everything you said is true.

      I think the reason why Wind “doesn’t count” is because Wind is largely irrelevant in the market. As others have mentioned, their 600-some thousand customer is but a tiny, almost irrelevant portion of the marketplace. What’s more is that their subscription numbers are only barely growing. It’s hard to take the company seriously when they only add comparatively few customers every quarter.

      More telling though is their position in the market. Wind has failed to launch a nationwide network, something the company has been gunning for since day one. While they are probably the best of the new entrants for expanding and improving their network, there has been no serious change in any of the calling areas since those areas went live. The company does not bring anything to the market (in terms of technology) that is making any impact. Rather, Wind is just another budget carrier with the same phones as everyone else and a whole lot of smoke and mirrors.

      As an aside, I find Wind’s subscription numbers particularly interesting when you hold them up to a certain other new entrant. Wind has well over 600 000 customers. Cool. But Videotron just reported a hair over 500 000, pretty much in the same time frame. While Wind does have a larger market share than Videotron, it isn’t by much. Why this is interesting is that Videotron, up until maybe 6 months ago, was completely irrelevant in the market. The only reason why anyone outside of Quebec or the telecom industry knows of them is because they purchased some spectrum licenses recently. For all the noise made about Wind, they are only a little larger than a company that no one cares about at all. Maybe that’s why Wind doesn’t count. Because they only have a hair more subscriptions than Videotron, who didn’t count until now.

    • Jay

      Wind is such a small player on a national level that it’s hard to see how they count at all. They haven’t had the impact everyone hoped they would on Canadian wireless rates. In fact, this article leads me to believe that Wind is such a non-player in the national game that companies like Fido and Koodo will continue to devalue their plans in spite of Wind existing at all.

    • Garrett Cooper

      If you don’t require national coverage than sure.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Nope. No LTE and horrid coverage/penetration. Irrelevant.

      Even if you did get coverage, it’s still not LTE. And yes, it’s 2014, and LTE DOES count.

    • Nadefrenzy

      “in some cases, I have signal with WIND where I wouldn’t with Rogers whom I was with previously”

      Haha. Good one.

      Why are you touting the 700K figure as some strong point? You don’t see me mentioning Rogers/Bell’s 10 million subscription base, do you?

      How’s that relevant to our initial discussion about comparable smartphone data plans?

      Facebook? Who cares about facebook? I care about streaming my music in the car properly and YouTube (good luck watching youtube in HD on WIND in crowded areas).

      I also worry about the times when there are a lot of users in the area, and as a result my data speeds take a natural hit. However, with robellus, at least my LTE speeds might drop to 5-8Mbps, which is still FAR better than the dialup speeds that WIND is exposed to.

    • Jesse

      I’m guessing wind miracle plan..

    • Stephen_81

      Spend some time in Georgian bay this summer and see how great that “canada wide” talk and data plan is working for ya :p

      I’d pay double what I pay now or 3 times what you are paying so that I can work with my feet in the water and a ss in the sand when it is hot and sunny out

    • Stephen_81

      😉 Beaches and boats are pretty unpleasant places 😉

    • Stephen_81

      I get that
      But I don’t consider comparing WIND to a National Carrier as fair for the majority of discussions.
      It is like arguing your smartcar uses less gas than my M Class. Yes it is cheaper to run, but it is more limited.

      In piggyback zones WIND connections take second tier to Rogers and AT&T connections. I’m glad WIND exists, but the comparison isn’t apples to apples.

    • Stephen_81


      But NEED vs Want is a basic thing. majority don’t NEED a smart phone, they WANT a smartphone, and a mobile phone is part of your personal security blanket, even if you only leave the city for 2 days a year. is $40 a month worth it for the hassle free? completely depends on your income.

      I pay $5 more per month for my internet because it is easier to pay a single bill from my Rogers account app on my phone than it is to pay 2 bills one from Rogers and one from TechSavvy.

      When I was in the Dominican republic I paid roaming because it was easier than finding and swapping in a DR SIM ( I did look at the airport for one, but that was as much effort as I was willing to put in).

      There is no one solution fits all, or one carrier fits all. I’m thankful we have options. But comparing Apples and Oranges doesn’t really help anyone get a grasp and yet that’s what every carrier conversation devolves into.

    • wahwah

      Based off your comments, you’re simply a lazy a*s with extra cash to burn. Good for you, but it does make you look like an asshat or goof as some would say, and doesn’t negate others who choose to not have these carriers a*s rape them without lube.

    • Stephen_81

      Fortunately I am fine with you thinking that. I value my time more than I value a few dollars, and because I spent my 20’s working as hard as I did to get in a strong financial position my hierarchy of needs is obviously different than yours. A life chasing the lowest possible cost regardless of extra time spent is not one I wish to live. but all the power to those that do.

    • J-Ro

      I don’t get connection with Wind and even Rogers in city. So I NEED to be with Bell. I wouldn’t pay 100% for something I couldn’t use 100%

    • J-Ro

      Telus and the others work too but I would love it if Wind could connect well in my area.

    • J-Ro

      Koodo or Virgin. But I don’t find their plans to be as competitive as I thought they would be.

    • Bri Bru

      I think mines better.. unlimited province wide talk and data + 1GB mobility data for my tablet for $30 🙂

  • Talktomy9iron

    Makes me look more forward to tomorrow’s plan update with Bell, Telus & Rogers. Can’t wait for more “better” plans

    • Dave

      Many Canadians have now more choices with companies such as Wind mobile, but they still cry and whine…

      Probably the national sport after hockey is crying and whining.

    • Talktomy9iron

      You come to Newfoundland and try getting your wind mobile phone working

    • SV650

      Heck, try to get your Rogers phone working once you exit St. John’s!

  • Stephen_81

    “Of course, the BYOD pricing is still in effect, discounting customers 10% for those who bring their own smartphones on all Standard plans.”

    I was looking at the wrong line in my questioning of the Math!

    • wes

      Standard plan. 34$-10%

  • trickster_qc

    wow 5$ for 50mb of data. that is expensive.

    I can’t wait for the next wave of new plan where they probably will introduce other segments of data like 500 mb/550mb/600mb/700mb/750mb/825mb and so on.

  • Surveillance

    Time to hang up the skates and go without a cell. If 20,000,000 people followed then maybe ears would open.

    • Stephen_81

      Good luck with that.
      We’ve become so dependent on mobile devices as a society, even consumers who don’t have any financial reason for needing them wont give them up.

  • wes

    Only reason I’m still with them is due to 6gigs for 30$.

  • Jesse

    Microcell come back…

  • hunkyleepickle

    I honestly can see no point in owning a smartphone with 50mb of data. It’s rather insulting.

    • Jay

      As a retailer, I will actually give some credence to 50MB over no data at all. Even ‘standard’ phones are still basic smart phones capable of using data over a 3g or 4g network. Customers signing on with just a talk and text plan (still a large segment of the market) still want to be able to send picture messages. To do this with a smart phone, you must have access to data either via Wi-Fi or cellular data even tho it doesn’t charge you as normal data consumption. When a customer turns on data to send a picture, the phone will also try and grab updates, receive e-mail, etc… This leads to extra data charges that make the customer mad. At least if they know their plan will be $34 and they accidentally use 10MB data, their bill will still be $34.

    • whateverrrrrrrr

      Well, with Fido, you are able to turn on your cellular data and send mms without incurring any data usage if you don’t have any data on your plan. But with these new plans, it won’t be the case anymore. You turn on your cellular data with these, you will most likely have data usage (background task done by phone like email syncing for example). More people don’t know enough about cells to limit their data usage like this and Fido is hoping to make money on the overage charges for data. 5$ for 50mb? C’mon!

    • Jay

      If you’re on a plan with pay-per-use data, the phone will do exactly that and then charge you. It will look for app updates, e-mails etc… and charge the customer on a per use basis. At least with this, the customer has /some/ assurance they’ll have some control of their data. Also, if the customer buys from a sales rep that isn’t just interested in commission and is actually genuinely interested in helping the customer and trying to give the industry a better image, that rep will put a limit on data usage in the phone’s menu.

  • K Diddle

    So for $120 more over the life of my 2 year plan, I get an addiitional $150 off my device… So I get $1.25 free towards my new device over just paying the $150 up front… Rediculous.

  • Jeff

    Koodo has matched this plan exactly 🙁

    • Kenjuta

      how is this not price fixing?

  • Rich

    …And the average Canadian consumer will still vote with their dollars and keep supporting them.

  • Deciare

    This is the opposite of decoupling service from device subsidies. Now they’re using bigger subsidies as justification for raising prices while degrading service!

    Device financing and mobile service should really be split into separate businesses.

  • canuck07

    we’ll be paying $30 for 5MBs of data pretty soon

  • vn33

    Pay more, get less … “because that’s what Canadians asked for” !!
    No sympathy for these $#%^&* i****s !

  • flower_petals

    Tablet data plan and Fongo! Works well for me. $20-35/mth

    • wes

      How is it holding up? And which phone do you use? Thinking of doing the same. Thanks

    • flower_petals

      I use it on a nexus 7 lte. That’s only because I have a house phone and make all my calls from home/work. So I use a bluetooth headset when I need to make calls when out and about. I love it. I have yet to go over my 1gb $20/mth mark. but even $35 for 5gb (bell) is great. I also use their text plan – can/us 2.99/mth. Can’t believe I was paying $60/mth all those years -lol

    • wes

      I’m thinking of using a data plan on a phone. I also have Fongo, but I’m not sure about the call quality. I do have a bluetooth, so I’m not sure if that helps fix the call quality. I pay 40$ a month for a voice plan and 6 gigs. Pretty good if you ask me!

  • alphs22

    LOL The $39 smart plan I signed up for less than a year ago had more subsidy ($450 vs $350), more minutes (450 vs 200) and more data (600MB vs 50MB). Also on 24 month tab.

    These plans are weak.

  • Pasalacqua

    Makes me glad I signed on for the $56 unlimited call, text and 2GB data plan.

    • Hungrier

      Me too, I’m holding on to that plan for dear life.

  • frost bitten

    What Canada needs is a new market entrant like Free in France that slashed prices and increased drastically the competition. People in France are now paying 50% less than what they were paying just 2 years ago for a much better service…
    The owner of Free, Xavier Niel, is now the most popular businessman in France (and one of the richest). Go figure !

    • Stephen_81

      France has a population of approximately 66 Million people

      Canada has a population of approcimately 35 Million people.

      That is a population density differential of 110is people per square KM vs 3ish people per square KM

      Even Ontario our most populated province has a density of 14ish people per square KM.

      Or lets even dig down more!

      Toronto has a Population density of 4000ish people per square KM,

      Paris has a Population density of 21,000 ish People per square KM.

      The barrier to profitability is much greater entering the Canadian market as towers have a relatively fixed cost per square KM to a French carrier could capture 20% market share and have more users per tower than a Canadian Carrier with 100% market share.

      While we could use a shake up. We need more than a Porn king to come in and make things happen on a Canadian scale.

    • frost bitten

      Porn King, really? I bet you haven’t looked into this guy…
      Not 100% of the Canadian territory is served as far as I know, yet operators in France are obligated to serve 100% of the territory of the country, even where there is more cows than people.
      I don’t deny that an operator have higher fixed costs in Canada, but that’s no excuse for ripping off consumers as they are today and only a hungry new competitor would be able to shake things up.

    • Stephen_81

      Xavier Niel got his start in Adult entertainment if I recall, you are correct I haven’t spent a lot of time researching him beyond financial reports.

      You are correct, Canadian Territory is not services 100% which is why I broke it down provincially AND broke it down by city as an example that the market penetration requirement per tower is far lower in France than it would be in Canada, or Ontario
      Frances low population areas are far easier covered, and the connections between areas as well than trying to do even a fraction of such connectivity connecting Ontario markets, let alone expanding into other parts of Canada.

      I could not find Free Mobiles 2013 earnings report, I would love to know what their operating expenses were, and what their profits were and then compare them to Canadian Carriers and see how different their margins are.

      Since we can’t link, just an ARPU, a Operating Margin, and a Gross Margin would be sufficient

  • p_lindsay

    Wow. I’m paying $30 for 6GB, now that wouldn’t even get me 50MB. This is getting pathetic.

  • jetbeck

    Wow great, they still offer a $55 w/ 5GB plan just you have to be in Alberta to get it though. I love how they justify that.

  • Zen

    I’ve been with Fido for like 8 yrs and they always had a good deal.
    The universe must be watching out for me, I just changed to Videotron for $59/6 gig of data plus unlimited calling/text just this week….wow great timing! lol
    Plus I’m getting a new phone….awesome

  • Norman Fong

    Thank goodness I just got a new cellphone plan the day before this came into effect.

  • crocop24

    LOL @ how mad you guys are..hahaha

  • Nadefrenzy

    I’ve used WIND, and on many occasions it’s fine, but A LOT of times, I get a lot of signal drops and sometimes even missed sms.

    Also, their data speeds are atrocious. Try using their brilliant 3G service in a crowded area. Good luck. I don’t know about you, but I can’t browse on 256Kbps.

    LTE is the future, and now that WIND has sat out of that auction, they’ll never be able to compete for good.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Again, most of my siblings are on WIND, and they’re fine for the most part, but the reliability issue is always there.

      As a budget carrier, they’re great, but to compare their data plans to LTE nationwide (proper nationwide anyway) plans is just silly.

  • Nadefrenzy

    And your point being?

    I don’t care what non-tech savvy folks want. I use the phone for my needs/wants. It matters to me. The difference IS minutes on many occasions. On other occasions there’s a lot of stuttering eg. I can’t stream some HD live sports on H+ (stutters), but can easily on LTE.

  • Aman Bassi

    Fido $30 200 mins unlimited incoming, text anywhere in the world and unlim after 5

  • Nadefrenzy

    Struck a nerve, huh?

    Settle down, buddy, you won’t earn any discounts standing up for WIND that way.

    See i could swing that logic (or lack there of) the other way around too, and say that just because YOUR experience is decent with WIND does NOT mean that most people have the same experience as well. In fact, MORE people have reliability and performance issues with WIND than those with the Big3. That’s not an opinion, but really just a fact. You can’t convince me (or heck anyone for that matter) that 3.5G AWS service is better than a nationwide 4G LTE network on the common bands.

    I disregarded WIND because A LOT of people have reliability issues with it when talking about a nationwide network. For anyone who uses their phone nationwide, WIND is not a suitable candidate as a carrier. Hence, their removal from my list. Neither are they really at all future proof–again the LTE argument.