Fido lowers data and raises prices on most Standard, Smart and Max plans, increases subsidy allowance

Fido has quietly updates its plan pricing, reducing data and increasing pricing on many of its plans.

The company continues its tradition of dividing plans into Standard, Smart and Max categories, which differentiate on the amount of subsidy a customer can put towards a new device.

With this update, the Standard and Smart plans are identical in feature, but the Smart plans cost $5 because they add an extra $150 in phone subsidy, from $200 to $350. The Smart plans have also increased the available subsidy with these new prices, from $300 to $350.

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Now, the plans themselves. Gone is the $29 Standard plan, which offered 200 minutes and no data, replaced by a $34 plan with 200 minutes and 50MB of data. The $39 Standard plan now offers 300 minutes and 300MB of data, down from 400 minutes and 400MB respectively. There’s a new $44 Standard plan that offers 500 minutes and 500MB data. The $54 plan now offers 1000 minutes and 750MB and finally the $64 plan offers unlimited calling and 1GB of data. As stated, add $5 to any of these new plans for an extra $150 in phone subsidy, which constitutes the new Smart plans.

Finally, the Max plans, which allow $450 max subsidy, up from $400 previously, begin at $80 for unlimited calls and 500MB of data, and go to $85 for unlimited calls and 1GB data.

Of course, the BYOD pricing is still in effect, discounting customers 10% for those who bring their own smartphones on all Standard plans.

In short, the new Fido plans offer more subsidy on devices but nominally increase price and lower data allotment for most mid-range plans. Who’s biting?



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