Apple acquires TestFlight owner, Burstly, shutting down Android support

Apple has acquired Burstly, the parent company of popular mobile app testing platform, TestFlight, for an undisclosed sum.

The company announced this week that it was shutting down support for its Android app in late March, and it would be discontinuing signups for new clients, including those on iOS; existing TestFlight subscribers will continue to be able to use the service for the foreseeable future.

Burstly initially purchased TestFlight, which was a standalone project, in late 2011, and combined the two companies’ mobile analytics projects into FlightPath, which is also shutting down.

Apple’s acquisitions tend to be quiet, usually incorporating the employees of the startup into various engineering or development arms of the company itself. With TestFlight shutting down, a way of testing beta apps on a larger scale is going away, itself a valuable resource in Apple’s closed App Store ecosystem. It’s unclear whether Apple, like Google, will create a way for beta apps to be distributed within its own thick walls, but it would be to the benefit of individuals and enterprises if they do.


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