Microsoft announces Satya Nadella as new CEO, makes Bill Gates a ‘Technology Advisor’


  • Dimitri

    Funny enough is Bill Gates doesn’t even need a high job as all his money goes towards charities and other fundraisers. He barely buys anything for him self or anything at all. He should be the founder tho!

    Anyways good to see Nadella taking over! Hopefully he does some great work! 🙂

  • Vineet Sharma

    One thing he should do is to open up Brand Nokia by bringing more top-of-the line phones on Android platform. Microsoft is making approx. $3 billion every year from android sales anyways (due to patent).
    So called “Normandy” is their first step but with that kind of specs which were top of the range 5 years ago would not make any impact. People who trusted Nokia for so many years and now Android fans would like to see the combination of 2.

    • wildspin

      If I remember correctly, Microsoft only has the right to use Nokia for phones for 2 or perhaps 3 years, then it will be returned to its rightful owner. After that, Nokia actually has the right to come back in phone business again.

  • HelloCDN

    Well, that’s an interesting move for sure. At least, Microsoft did not make a sad mistake of hiring an outsider, like Ford’s CEO. That would’ve been a disaster.
    Anyway, I hope Nadella can boost the Windows Phone market share. As of now, the market is really stagnant – Apple isn’t making any moves and Google is just focused on getting more data by increasing # of users.

    • Joseph

      Problem I’ve always had with windows 8 phone is the metro style….I hate that style so much.

  • Michael

    Put the guy in a hoodie and Microsoft is cool. Amazing.

  • alecthefail