TELUS and CIBC launch mobile payment service on select Android devices, BlackBerry coming ‘later this month’


  • DS1595

    No support for Nexus 4 or 5?

    • Note3

      …or Note 3 🙁

  • Max Fireman

    I’m gonna try my LG-G2 and see if it works. If that works, I’m going to assume that the Nexus 4 and 5 also work. NFC should work globally right? I’m gonna ask Telus for a NFC enabled simcard and report back.

    • MatroXX

      You’ll have to download the APK from somewhere other than GPlay as it only allows the supported devices listed to download the app.

    • Max Fireman

      Yeah I figured. Apk are so easy to find on Twitter too.

  • Bri

    I guess the mobile payment feature is more complicated than it looks huh?
    Or is it this one of many ways for the big 3 and banks to promote their services?
    We need a certain sim card to get this thing to work?
    I really wished to get this thing to work on my device as soon as available and I’m with WIND…

    • Rory

      Uh, yeah, you need an NFC-enabled SIM card if your phone doesn’t already have NFC. It’s hardware.

    • Sweet

      The technology (namely, the secure element) already exists in these phones to support mobile payments. The carriers are simply choosing to make you use a special SIM with a built-in secure element.

      The only reason I can think of to justify using a special SIM is that it may be more secure than using the secure element in the phone. However, I haven’t found any info that to support the theory that the special SIM is more secure than the built-in secure element.

      Or perhaps not all phones that have NFC have secure elements.

    • Bri

      Right. I just don’t see a point of having the NFC technology on a phone if they’re trying to push NFC capable Sim. It sounds stupid to me. I already have a Nexus 4 which already is NFC enabled.

  • silver_arrow

    Would be awesome if MS could post a link to the APK like Android Police does.

  • Doug Downey

    Works fabulous on my Blackberry Z30 use it everyday!

    • Mikey

      Tootall, how were you able to load the app. The Z30 is not supported in the BB world for this Device. It would be awesome if someone would post a link to the .bar file.

  • Keith A E Weir

    I’d like to see this hit Rogers if at all possible.

    • Martin Chan

      Rogers has already partnered with CIBC and has a NFC payment already.

      All that’s left is your phone. I believe the support Q10, Z10 & 30 and the S4. That’s it.

  • Nathan

    Sweet – can’t wait to use it on my BlackBerry Z10.