Windows Phone GDR3 update reportedly rolling out to select HTC 8X users


  • silver_arrow

    Also if you have an 8X that had already been updated to GDR3, like mine, you will only be getting the “HTC update for Windows Phone” update

  • ComebackKid777

    Downloaded and updated yesterday evening on my Bell HTC 8X.

  • Sam

    Updated HTC 8X to GDR3 lastnight on Rogers used on Fido. Still no sign of Windows Phones coming to Fido. I will be leaving Fido when my contact is up in December.

    • Desi Jatt

      You are leaving Fido because they don’t have Windows Phones?

    • Sam

      Yes, no use staying with a carrier that does not carry phones that I want, I am better off going to Telus or similar where I can get a subsidized Nokia Lumia 1020.


    What about those of us with a Samsung ATIV S in Canada? Why is there no GDR3 yet?!? I`m sure there has to be more people using the ATIV S than the 8x.

    • ifactcheckchainemails

      Since Bell is pushing it out and the ATIV S is currently the only Windows Phone offered by Bell, in Alberta anyway, it should come soon if you are on Bell. If you aren’t then I don’t have a clue.

  • ifactcheckchainemails

    I got it about an hour ago from Bell. HTC8X. I really hope the bluetooth update helps with the Ford Sync connection problems.

  • derek

    will the htc 8s get the update as well

  • Shayhuney

    Ativ s on Bell still no GDR3