Update: HTC One Max leaks online, shows its size


  • inc188


  • LuckyMe Singh

    Have the note 2 and I love it and I would have gone over to HTC One had it had a bigger screen. Seems its a HUGE step down when it comes to the internal memory. Are you kidding me 16gb and no possibility of expanding it with an sd card? Note 3 Mega would be toooo big but 5.9 is still doable — but these guys need to do at least 32 gb to move me from Note 2

  • NS-MMM

    I disagree. Use your phone as a mini tv with Slingbox and use it with satellite radio and you’ll see how fast a battery can drain. I’ll never buy another phone without spare battery capability!

  • Nygel

    Future proofing seems like such a great idea when refresh rates are down to 6 months on average when it comes to handsets…

    • S2556

      I don’t know about you or where you got that statistic but I plan on keeping my GS3 for a while. I of course ripped off TW and put on AOKP. It runs great and a big reason of that is the 2gb or RAM which was then overkill when I bought it.