Amazon rumoured to launch three new Kindles this fall, including a Retina-busting 8.9-inch model


  • sicsicpuppy

    Busting a “retina ” doesnt say much about a tablet .

    Yet another irrelevant amazon tablet because a Nexus will be better

  • KrispyInTO

    339ppi for those wondering.

  • Albin

    Until Kindle supports the Canadian Overdrive library loan (as promised three years ago) I’m not buying one, and in fact am waiting for a price drop on the Kobo Reader that does work for library books. I’m not unhappy using the Kindle apps for Kindle and mobi books on other devices. The library loan failure in Canada is a deal breaker for me.

  • Jolyon Smith

    Dammit. I was hoping to read about a revamped, larger e-Ink Kindle, a la DX. 🙁