Could the Sony Xperia Z be the best Android phone for low light photos? (Video)


  • lol

    Who cares

    • Still Getting a Nexus

      Could the Sony Xperia Z be the latest Sony WITH ICE CREAM SANDWICH??

  • Dan

    I agree; the benchmark are the iPhone 5, Lumia 920 and even the GS3. That’s the shootout I’m interested in. I own a Nexus 4 and, while the camera is adequate, it’s not a class leader by any stretch. Frankly, my GS2’s camera was better than my Nexus.
    Sony’s lens and sensor tech is on par, or very close thereto, with “camera” companies; Nikon, Canon. Their Alpha cameras are pro quality; at least that’s what my photographer friend tells me.

    • Spiders in my urethra

      Completely right on the sensor front: Sony provides sensors for the Nikon D7000 and D800, among others, which has given them an edge over Canon in terms of image quality. Their Mirrorless and SLT cameras are interesting to say the least.

  • Wia

    Go to YouTube and search “Lumia 920 low light”. You will be amazed how the Lumia 920 can take a picture will close to NO light at all.

    People used the iPhone5 or GS3 for testing too. In a pitch black room, we assume the photo is gonna be dark and black as well. If you’re using the iPhone5 or GS3, then yes. Lumia 920 is way way ahead in the competition for this.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Purple lens flare at 0:50.


  • Keith

    For lowlight, the Lumia 920 wins in a cakewalk against anything but the 808. But there is a strong rumour that the killer camera phone will be the Nokia EOS announced at MWC later this month.

  • eric

    iphone 5 and gs3? u guys do know who makes their sensors right? sony does…

  • Beyonce

    Sony hitting it out of the ballbark with their camera yet again. Welcome back to the top of Android cameras!

  • Ivan

    The Sony Xperia TL ($50 at AT&T 2yr under contract) has the same 13MP Exmor R camera sensors

  • Android1

    They could have changed the exposure value in the Note 2 to get better results. I mean, they changed the Sony to HDR mode, they could have optimized the other phones to show the closest comparison =/

  • S2556

    I’m not surprised considering Sony makes the camera for the gs3 and the iphone 5. Sony has always had a solid camera game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a sony camera in the gs4 too they are great

  • DC

    But little son…oh little little sony is not going to release the xperia z in Canada. So who cares?
    I was wondering if any perso who made this kind of silly decision for the company should be fired…

    Tell me the good news if they will really release xperia z in Canada, YAWN~~~

    • Gman

      ppl that are going to get the ZL like myself care.

  • Gman

    funny they removed the low light enhancement in the specs for their new Exmor RS sensor the last minute. I guess they know most upcoming phones will probably use the same sensor, now its time to make their own phone a bit more unique with this feature. Smart move.

  • jplunks

    How will it stack up to Nokia 920 in low light conditions?