Pulse 3.0 for iOS and Android brings infinite scrolling and unlimited feeds


  • noSense


    • Blackberry Fan!!!

      Will this be available for Blackberry as well? There was no mention of it in the article.

  • RyanOver

    infinite scrolling and unlimited feeds aren’t the same thing?
    infinite scrolling couldn’t be without no feeds

  • mattprime86

    No. They mean you can have any number of sources displayed on a single page rather than the previous 10 max. And the unlimited scrolling lends itself to how many articles are displayed laterally FROM each of the sources.

  • andy c

    Favorite RSS reader just got better. Great update

  • TZM

    Gotta love Pulse, one of my go to apps I use everyday just got even better!

  • patrick

    Will you look at that, a couple of phones designed by lg. will wonders never cease.

  • Brian

    Great app now even better. Keep up the good work, Pulse creators.

  • Kevin

    The app works great however I am not getting any feeds from MobileSyrup any more is anyone else having this problem?
    I deleted the feed and added it back but still no luck, I am getting zero stories from MobileSyrup.

  • deli

    I still prefer Taptu. But I guess I’ll give Pulse a try again.