For now, the Samsung Galaxy S III is the world’s most popular smartphone


  • S S

    Competition is good 🙂




    • IMEI

      The S3 has LTE and SD card; when it makes its official price drop in Dec to $450 it will be the only phone that will give a fight to the N4.

      There are tons of custom Kernels and ROMS that eliminate the disadvantage of having LTE (battery drain)so for those people that want LTE and walk with their library in their pocket this will be the phone.
      Not a pretty phone but a nice light phone.

    • SAM

      OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOHHHHHHHHHHH SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Blackberry Fan!!!

      The BB Pearl Flip 8220 missed the cut?

  • Gsizzle

    Well deserved. Good going Sammy.

  • Alex

    Look at when Windows 98 came out. Very popular, still sucked.

    • Rhett

      Look at when the iphone 5 came out, inferior product, very popular, still sucks. Baaaaaa

  • Alex

    That’s a lot of plastic!

    • Alex

      I’m an i***t – nevermind.

    • apple chodeboy

      that’s a lot of recycled soda can aluminum!!!

    • IMEI

      Thanks for bringing the point!:
      The Nokia 900 was a SOLID, METAL, HEAVY phone and was a FLOP!!

      The S3 is a FLIMSY, THIN, LIGHT, UGLY phone..That sold 18Million copies in Q3!!

      People care about light, plastic (great for too hot and too cold countries) phones in their pockets! You want a light phone with the thinnest battery cover, after all you will be putting the phone in a case!, 18 Million people want the company to spend the money in Screen, RAM, CPU etc and not blow 1/3 the budget of the phone in the most amazing Aluminium case made out of a single block of metal (Beautiful, but I don’t care about the case)

    • Plan Shopper

      Quote Alex “I’m an i***t – nevermind.”

      That’s the first comment I’ve read from Alex worth giving a thumbs up to. Way to go Alex!!

  • Jared

    This only covers how many phones were shipped out from each manufacturer, correct? It doesn’t show how many have actually been sold does it?

    So my question is, even though Samsung has shipped that many GS3’s, how many have they actually sold? How many millions of them are still sitting on store shelves?

    • ToniCipriani

      Has to be lots. I see them S3s everywhere.

      On contrary, I actually find the iPhone 5 a rare sight, plenty of 4 around.

  • Mushfik Alam

    Alex, have fun with your chipped aluminium.

  • alexrobot

    Can these fools not use ‘world’s most popular’ when they really mean ‘most shipped in this quarter’?

    I would consider ‘most popular’ the one ‘most in use’, like any sane human being.

    And I say this as an Android fan. 😛

  • Kid.Canada

    Well most people I know and work with have switched to this and loves it so this does work. Not to mention the all day battery life with moderate to heavy usage. What an amazing phone this is. Congrats Samsung!

  • Is this Bb10?

    Nexus 4 sales will crush them all.

  • Andy

    I’m an Apple hater, and I don’t trust these numbers.

    The ip5 was out about 1 or 2 weeks in Q3. Wait until Q4 for real numbers.

  • k

    Cause it’s the best phone!

  • seroevo

    Couldn’t get past the lack of black (in Canada, anyway). Don’t get the appeal of white gadgets and that “pebble blue” is as bad as pink. I’d take an S3 for free, but missed that window a month or so back. Just re-affirms that more of society seems dictated by 15 year old girls.

  • superfly

    Well duh….

  • Zeake

    Apple is about to meet it’s maker… Literally…

    • Slappy

      Best comment..ever!

  • Dave

    Who’s cares about all this crap. Just get the phone you want and that’s it.

    • Insecure

      Unfortunately, now there’s way too much propaganda on Mobilesyrup to sift through to find some good comments and actual tech discussion.

      If you get your self-confidence through others people’s comments and upvotes on your fanboy comments pushing your OS or smartphone like a religion, you are a very troubled individual.

      Has anyone found any site or comment system out there that can filter comment sections for fanboys and then for the non-fanboys who actually want to discuss tech rationally?

      Any recos?

  • Bloomg

    Android and it’s about browsing is a big part of it

    You no longer need a custom application to substitute for every single website you visit

    See for Facebook’s standards of getting to post-flash with HTML5 standards

    If the software wasn’t pushing the boundaries of what’s possible forward, it would be dead just like Windows Phone (/Windows Mobile/Zune/Internet Explorer)

  • Etc

    I think this is the first android phone with a decent GPU , I have owned most of the Samsung android phones and iPhones including iphone5. This is the only android that has same , if not better , graphic performance as iPhone.

  • haxor99

    Love it!

  • Mike

    Where’s my Jelly Bean update for my S3?

  • shaun lee

    no sense

  • shaun lee

    the editor is stupid…
    “Global smartphone marketshare of the Galaxy S III rose from 3.5% in Q2 to 10.7% in Q3, while the iPhone 4S dropped from 12.7% to 9.7%.” 10.7%=18/167.8, 9.7=16/167.8. GS3 accounts for all the smartphone sold in Q3. Obviously, it is not the market share. The post only told us GS3 is the bestseller in Q3 but nothing. it doesnt do a cumulative statistic.

  • shaun lee

    Comparing the GS3 and iphone 4s is unfair. They come out in different time and they are from different generations. Before GS3 came out, many people had already bought 4s, while many people may hold their money and wait for iphone 5 because it will come out in september for sure.

  • Imakesense

    I dont get why people constantly say sheep about iphone users – if the s3 is the most shipped, and android is on more devices… doesn’t that make android users sheep? They are both no.1 and no.2 devices right now so anyone slinging insults at fans of either needs to take a good hard look and get off the internet.

    • Teddy

      Android is an open system, that promotes discovery, innovation, and just all-around flexibility of your device.

      Apple is closed down, and they just keep coming up with ways to suck every single penny possible from people who support them.

      You tell me who is a blind sheep, and who is a smart consumer.

    • Joe

      @Teddy lol you’re a dumb s**t. Talking like a true sheep.

  • etc

    Mobilesyrup should censor Alex’s . Anything he posts should show as “I am an I***t”

  • jay

    I bought my galaxy after the iPhone 5 came out but the iPhone is not good enough to compete with my galaxy. If they don’t do something big they will loose more and more! The iPhone 4 was wow but after that other companies moved to fast and apple didn’t jump on the same boat. (Big screen nfc and micro use)

    I think fans still will buy one but the rest will check market(nexus 4)

    Everybody had an iPhone here, or?

    IPhone 3gs! Was cool back than

  • bembol

    Love Apple, Macs (using Air now, getting new iMac) but their iOS is behind Samsung/android.

    As they say, SIII (and Note II) FTW!

  • skstone

    Why the yabuts? Yabut this, yabut that…suck it up. If it was the other way around apple fans would be cheering but because they got buried its all yabuts. Sad little online site you got there.

  • Mark

    I’m still shopping for my next phone and I can tell you it won’t be a GS3, this thing is just too big and Touchwiz is really ugly compared to stock Android.

  • jonnny

    q4 numbers will be even higher
    the s3 is exploding right now
    even my MOM wants one!

    i will probably get the nexus 4 becuase i want stock android, and im cheap.

  • Louis

    say all your want android ppl…

    Apple still make more money than Samaung…
    and also, an unlock iphone 5 need to wait for 4 weeks…