LG confirms Nexus 4 launch on October 29th, leaves out the number in the name


  • iphoneee

    Will it come in white? I want the one with appStore not a market

  • Evan

    got excited for a second there that it was actually launching on the 29th… as opposed to just being announced 🙁

    • tazb

      Agreed. More waiting, let’s hope somehow we can buy it straight from Playstore.

  • kevinc

    I can imagine them selling the same product under different names. “LG Nexus 4” in north america and europe, and “LG Nexus” in Asia. Many of the asian cultures consider the number 4 to be bad luck.

    • HB

      Mainly in Chinese as it sounds like “death”, however people aren’t exactly that crazy superstitious these days.

    • tiesto

      I consider “LG” as bad luck.

    • val316

      Personally, I think there will be no number – if this one is 4, what is the next one? 5? what happens after 6? Something doesn’t work out….

  • Alex

    Soo all those people that bought the gs3 is already outdated? Lucky them.

    • duw

      for me, buying an LG is itself a downgrade.

    • bazinga

      Nope. It just means they have another choice instead of having to wait 2 years for a ‘refresh’:)

  • Andy

    After the announcement I’ll decide if I’m gonna trade my Iphone 5 for the Nexus 4 or the Note II.

  • John Marshall

    I wonder what surprises still await us at this phone’s announcement?

  • Dan

    This Nexus release has me conflicted. I really want to move to a Nexus device; but frankly, not one made by LG. I was really hoping that Sony would be commissioned to make the next Nexus phone, either alone or as a crop from multiple OEMs.
    I guess the smart thing to do is wait for the comprehensive reviews to roll in and go check one out for myself. I retain some sense of hope that this might surprise me.

    • Dalex

      You hit the nail on the head… I was thinking of joining the Nexus program as well, but ugh… LG… I mean, if it at least looked like the Optimus G or something. It looks so dull and lifeless and the back is hideous…

      I was hoping for a slew of Nexus phones and would have picked up any Sony, HTC, Motorola, Samsung or Asus Nexus depending on which has the biggest battery.

    • bazinga

      be patient grasshopper 😉

    • Myles

      Is LG really that bad beyond their software support, which comes directly from Google in this case?

    • Nick

      LG makes good hardware. Google will handle the software. I’m psyched.

      Don’t forget that Samsung was in a similar position with the Galaxy S before Google set them straight with the Nexus. They had a lot of catching up to do on the software side, but none of that mattered when Google gave them 2.3 and showed them what to do with it. Now they’re one of the better companies – their skin doesn’t suck (as badly) and they’re decent with updates.

    • Raven66

      #Dalex…….Motorola RAZR HD LTE has thie biggest battery so far…..its says it lasts for 2 days.

    • copolii

      You fears are unjustified.
      I had the LG G2X. The software was crap and unstable, but the hardware was gorgeous, stable, and VERY powerful. Once I put Cyanogenmod on it, it kicked a*s.
      The Software in the case of a Nexus comes from Google. So you’re safe.

  • Guest

    Another possible reason for not including the “4” is that it may seem like a lessor model to the iPhone 5 to a layman

  • jonny

    I want a new nexus, but I dont want this crappy phone.


    I had the Nexus S and I liked it and looked at the Galaxy Nexus as my next device but liked the size of the Galaxy Note so that became my next phone. I was absolutely in love with it and all the added features compared to the basic feel of the Nexus line. The Nexus was still a tiny bit in the back of my head but LG is garbage and I’ve always had issues with their phones. I just ordered the Galaxy Note 2 and cant wait for it to show up at my door. Nexus is dead phone wise for 2012 thanks to the LG make. Sorry Google you let everyone down this round. -KID ANDROID

  • ShiftRR

    My Galaxy Nexus is still good for another year! No Significant change in hardware specifications from LG.

    • copolii

      Good for another year? Absolutely.
      No significant change? Um …
      – quad core (2 extra cores)
      – 1.5 GHz (a tad faster)
      – 2 GB ram (twice as much as you have)

  • Mike

    I am either getting the Note II or this phone. Depends on how long it will be till LG Nexus is available to purchase.

  • Rolonoa

    @ Myles
    It’s not just software updates LG sucks at. Reliability is the real concern.

  • Cyrano

    nexus s can survive another year i guess.
    really hope the sony one wasn’t a rumor…

  • Richard

    Please just let this launch in Canada on day 1 through google play with 16GB for $399. I’m DYING to buy a phone since I lost my gnex in april. For that price I wouldn’t complain, the optimus G got well reviewed on its hardware.

  • taz b.

    Guys just to let you know SAMSUNG & LG are almost exactly the same company.

    Both South Korean.
    Both use the same factories.
    Even their OEM codes are very similar.

    Just know, the hardware will be great and the software will be stock clean android. No bullshit tw/sense.

  • Thas

    I’ve had the Galaxy Nexus for a bit less than a year now, so I don’t see any need to upgrade. The main improvement seems to be power & to a somewhat lesser extent, the screen. Apps fly on my current Nexus, so I really don’t need the extra power just yet. I’m not a huge gamer when it comes to the phone, so the extra power isn’t all that useful to me as it would be for someone else.

    I’ll stick it out. 2 years from now, when my contract expires, the phones are going to be that much better & the jump will hopefully feel pleasantly astronomical. While saying that, I look forward to these announcements as always.

  • anona

    LG? Not for me.

  • theworldiam

    So I read this very short article and thought (sadly afterward I had spent my precious time to do so): “Boy, do these people have us by the balls!” From the product marketers to the article writers! I mean come on, spending time contemplating what the name of the device will be?! To what end?!
    I can’t wait for these next few weeks leading up to the holidays for me to settle on an Android device to replace my 3GS. Then, I will be able to stop reading (at least for ~3 years) these mind-numbingly asinine articles!

  • migo

    I can’t believe nobody sees the obvious LG Optimus Nexus name.