Samsung Canada to launch the Galaxy Note II Gangnam Style on October 30th!


  • ukrainian fob

    too big for a phone

    • The Nexus

      Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Sexy Phablet !!!!

    • PR

      “too big for a phone”

      most ridiculous comment on the internet

      i supposed the 10 million people that bought the first note were not able to use it as a phone?

      then WTF have they been doing with it?

  • iphoneee

    if it’s not an iPhone5 in white, why would I want it?

    • bb

      just face it…stock hurting friday, now apple says schools in the U.S. buying ipads…of course they are..stock shoots up 10 dollars…the hype train is going.

    • phreezerburn

      For the same reason you don’t buy a Pet Rock.

    • andrea

      Because iPhone 5 is a toy for a bunch of teenagers and Samsung Note (and BlackBerry 10)is a real phones.

  • 7-Down

    Jesus, this Gangnam crap is getting out of hand. Someone needs to kill it ASAP!

  • JBR

    It’s Gangnam Style…. You may say you don’t want it….. but you want it….. Gangnam Style….

  • COB

    I got tickets hahahah

  • bigshadyray

    Looks like this is my next phone since LG is making the Nexus

  • Mike

    Op op op op op op gangnam note

  • Nathaniel James


  • Mithos

    Note 2 has Jellbean, and S3 doesn`t (but should get it in coming months)..

    AHH choices. Wait for a Nexus phone?
    This HTC Desire needs to retire soon.
    Perhaps this enthusiastic Korean man will show me the way.

    • phreezerburn

      Phonedog has the best 30 day challenge going on the Note II.

  • geokilla

    Got my tickets! Oppan Galaxy Style!

  • Harris

    Talk about milking a product… Make the bigger version and add another number.

    Oh wait… that sounds awfully familiar to what iPhone is.

    Not going to be surprised when arthritis occurs on all Galaxy Note users sooner or later.


    Just got rid of my original Galaxy Note and ordered the Titanium Grey International Galaxy Note 2 from expansys. I couldn’t be more excited, its the best series of devices available and as long as they make them I’ll be buying them. Its not too big, your just too small girly Mon lol. PSY, is awesome and just the guy to release the greatest phone to date. -KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

    • Plan Shopper

      So you ordered your non LTE device for $709.99 + $24.10 shipping ($734.09) because you couldn’t wait 1 more week for $729.99 that has LTE?

    • phreezerburn

      With our data plans in Canada, who can afford to use LTE? Mind you those overages will be good for dieters in that they won’t be able to afford phone, food AND rent.

    • Todd

      Never heard of this Gangnam Style crap till now, makes me ashamed to own a Samsung.

  • Jeff

    Wanted wanted wanted gangnum style oop oop ya

  • nely

    My Galaxy S just died on me after 2 years of loyal services. I guess I’m getting that new Galaxy Note 2 after all! Or I could just flash the Rom and put a new one… yaa right. Not happening.

  • JBR

    Tickets aquired….. Should be a fun show.

  • skullan

    How can you not love Samsung’s marketing. Someone send that company a picture of Psy breathing fire….

    • phreezerburn

      Well he IS both South Korean and has deep family ties to both the Media and Tech industries… or maybe it’s his being South Korea’s international man of the hour.

  • George R

    I just received my Titanium Gray International version this weekend. It is freaking AWESOME!!!I love it!!!Smooth,fast and the screen is beautiful!!! Using it on Telus.

  • Brian

    I am an Apple Geek, and have been for 10 years. I am really integrated into that iSuite lifestyle, but I am blessed that I carry two phones with me and I always use Samsung Android as my work phone. I LOVE what Samsung is doing and how they are marketing their gadgets. Unapologetic geekiness is chic now and Samsung seems to embrace that better than anyone. What better poster boy than PSY? But then again, right now I am using a Lumia 900 and kind of want a Lumia 920 or HTC 8X.

  • David

    Just woke up and checked my Google+ pages and saw this post. Will be grabbing the first unlocked version I can get my hands on. I have been enjoying my Nexus 7 and this adventure in the Android world.

  • MC Gin

    Forget Gangnam… I’ll take Gundam (as in Mobile Suit Gundam) toys any day!

  • Pat

    Can’t wait to see the commercial! and PSY is about to “Open Condom Store”! XD

  • John Marshall

    I keep waiting for the thing that’s going to kill irony and make it irrelevant and meaningless. I thought it was going to be Bronies for a while, but they’re not as ubiquitous as they used to be, so now I guess it’s the rising popularity of Gangnam Style?

  • Dalex

    Well you can say what you want about Samsung, but they know how to market their stuff haha. This made me laugh out loud at work when I read it. My friend is ordering his on Oct 30 and he couldn’t be more excited.

  • Ron Mexico

    Skip the party, launch it now, and TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!

  • Mark68

    my son woke up this morning and said, “I like this GANGNAM stuff”, I immediately sent him to his room and said, “if I hear you sweariung like that again you will lose all privileges for the day!”

    Kids these days!!

  • AhCup

    Samsung finally get their marketing right!

  • EddieWinslow

    Good Timing for the Event being Samsung and Google on the 29th are announcing their new tablet. Should be an intresting couple of days

  • Jon

    Perfect. Galaxy Note II now comes with Sauna Air!

  • Mobilicity is BROKEn

    Gangnam Style is at minute 16 of its fame!

    Remember “Friday” by Rebecca Black? That right! Enjoy it for what you can get, because it’s a fickle lot!

  • Louis

    >.< i want to see PSY performance…


  • Kurt

    I got my tickets today, ha ha

  • Haerym kwon

    Awesome—-!!!!!! samsung

  • Joe Blow

    Here’s a neat question. Why the *(#&$ is telus selling Samsung Galaxy Note 1 for $780 still!!!???

  • lee yoo jung

    젭알 콘서트 티켓 주삼

  • bom i park

    재상오빠 얼굴 실물로 보고 싶음